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How to Get More Views on Your Reels

The secret recipe to going viral.

By RJPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
How to Get More Views on Your Reels
Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

Virality is helpful whether you own a small business, want to be an influencer, or want more traction on your personal page. The pandemic gave rise to bite-sized content in the form of reels and, more recently, Tik Tok videos. Without taking a social media marketing course or attending the school of hard knocks, it's tough to know how to grasp the attention of anyone, let alone the masses.

Still, gaining more views on your reels is vital to creating an interested audience who will buy your products and support you in your other endeavors. You have to give more than you take from your audience, and knowing what they want and how to give it to them can be a challenge.

My partner has generated almost a hundred thousand views in less than a week. So I picked her brain to discover the few tips that made the most difference in her success. We operate in the art and plant portions of Instagram, but these tips can be applied to any niche.

Make Your Explore Page all about Your Niche

To make exciting content, you need to know what's working. You should be in tune with the most relevant content in your niche. It would help if you were a fan of the content you're looking to create. What do you like to see? How do other creators edit their videos? What are the reels they're making about? You need to surround yourself with the best content so that you can reproduce it in your own way. As you watch more content similar to what you want to create, you'll start to form ideas of your own. Through this process, you’ll begin to understand if you chose the right niche to begin with.

If you thought you wanted to be in the plant community but have no plants, and no desire to get some, maybe you're in the wrong place. If you want to be involved with art but only repost others' work (I’m speaking from experience), it will be hard to expand your content creation. If you don't have a genuine and strong interest in what you're making, it won't come off as authentic.

Use What's Already Working

Be an observer, genuinely study what works and what doesn't. By studying others, you can find high-performing hashtags, trending songs, and different editing styles that work well in your niche. This tip is especially important because when views drop, as they inevitably will, it's often because your hashtags are outdated. The internet world moves quickly, and you have to have your thumb on the pulse of what's popular.

If you see a trend blowing up, contribute to it, and benefit from the audience, it's attracting on its own. Reels are amazing because it doesn't matter if you have 100 followers or 100,000 followers; anyone can go viral. Everyone can benefit from posting them, and we all have access to the same creation tools. By identifying and implementing trending sounds and hashtags, you can give the algorithm what it wants and gain from Instagram promoting your content.

Post Frequently and Study the Best Times to Post

I'm not saying you have to post every day, but the attention spans of the public are short-lived. It's easy to be forgotten, and potential customers and followers want frequent updates. Instagram's algorithm likes accounts that post often because they help keep people on their app. If you're consistently providing them a service, they'll reward you by serving your content to more people.

It’s also important to study what time is best for you to post. Any element of the process being slightly tweaked can affect your reels performance for the better or worse. One day my partner posted a reel and got 12 views; the next day, she reposted it at a different time, and it got 20 thousand. Sometimes it’s not your hashtags or video quality; sometimes, it’s just a matter of adjusting your post time.

Treat this process like an experiment, don’t let yourself be discouraged by poor results. If you know your video quality is good, tweak other things until you find the right cocktail. You have to throw everything at the wall to see what sticks. Try to separate your worth from how well your content does on the internet. There is a way to find success, and often it just takes time and trial and error.

Make High-Quality Content

Competition is stiff, and it's far too easy just to swipe up and skip to the next video. Your work has to be striking and genuinely valuable for your audience. Make sure your lighting is on point; an easy way to increase the quality of your video is to use natural light. Film your videos near a window with lots of sunlight pouring in.

Transforming Views into Followers

By Free Walking Tour Salzburg on Unsplash

You can get views on reels, but if they have nothing to do with your feed posts, no one will follow you. Everything has to work in unison. You have to have consistent branding throughout your entire account.

It's also helpful, especially if you run a business account, to add a personal touch. Take a selfie with your plants, if that's your community, and show your art process if you're an artist. Consider adding quick photos of what you're doing throughout the day to your story. Create a personality that can be read through your content. Often people don't buy a product because they simply can't live without it- but more because they like the person who makes it.

Engage with your community, answer the comments on your reels, and feed posts. Keep your product advertising to a minimum. Give more than you take from your audience. The last thing you want to do is come off gimmicky. Customers love to buy. They hate to be sold to.

Parting Words

Key Take-Aways

  1. * Surround yourself with the best content in your niche.
  2. * Use trending sounds and hashtags
  3. * Study posting times
  4. * Insert your personality

You can manipulate many factors to achieve the success you’re looking for, but remember the most important thing is making high-quality content. It is the single most influential catalyst to success on the internet or in any area of life.

If you find these tips helpful, shoot me a message on Instagram and let me know how they changed your reel results. As always, best of luck, and remember, no matter how many views you get, you still have something to contribute, and your work is valuable. It may just need some tweaking and time.



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