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How to get Instagram followers in 7 steps?

From Binging to Get famous

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Social media is one of the most engaging forms of advertising on the Internet. Resigning from this promotion channel may mean that we will not reach many potential customers.

Can we afford to let go of the huge opportunity to expand our business? Of course not! So, where to start? From creating an account on one of the most popular social networks in the world, Instagram.

One of the most popular social media portals

Instagram is a social networking site where millions of users publish photos and videos on various topics every day. It was created in 2010 and was initially available only for Apple smartphones, but thanks to the very rapid growth of users, an Android version was created two years later. The expansion of the website's popularity did not go unnoticed by the largest companies. In the same year, Instagram was acquired by Facebook for a huge amount of one billion dollars. A characteristic feature of this website is the shape of the materials published on it. They look similar to Polaroid cameras.

Instagram, through its application, available on the most popular operating systems, allows you to share photos easily. Their publication takes a short while, and before sharing an image or video, we have the option of quickly processing the material using one of the many available filters, adding a photo description or adding hashtags that will make it easier for users to find our materials. It is a simple tool, thanks to which we share photos and videos and create a social network with our recipients.

The published photos and videos can be shared on other social networks - such as Facebook, and other Instagram users can comment on them, like them or add the author to the watched ones; this way, we gain new followers.

Why is it worth starting with Instagram?

The statistics that Instagram can boast clearly show that the percentage of user engagement is much higher than in the case of other social networks. The engagement per user rate here is 4.21%. This means that Instagram user engagement is 58 times higher than Facebook and 120 times higher than Twitter. In 2017, this portal had as many as 2.8 billion active users, which theoretically means that ⅓ of humanity regularly uses this portal. Instagram is one of the social media marketing communication tools, it's good free advertising for your business.

How does the Instagram algorithm work?

At the outset, it should be mentioned that Instagram has never revealed its algorithm, but in mid-2018, it revealed what assumptions it is based on and what you should pay attention to get as many followers as possible. Explaining, the application is based on user activity. The algorithm promotes content similar to what a given account may potentially be of interest to. In addition, it is not only about the accounts being watched - the displayed content is also influenced by all interactions, including the posts of unobserved people.

Three factors determine what content is displayed. These are:

interests - expected interest in a given post based on the user's previous activity,

topicality - time of adding posts (favouring the newest ones) and their popularity,

relationship - you will see content faster than users you interacted with (comments, likes, tags, shares, Stories).

The frequency, time and number of people watched are equally important.

The feed at the top always shows what might be most interesting or popular. The number of people watched also affects the algorithm.

The bigger it is, the less chance you have of seeing posts that might be of interest to you.

How to get Instagram followers and increase your reach?

One of the limitations of the Instagram algorithm is that it assumes that a user with a company account can pay for the ad himself and get traffic and likes on his profile. So how to get followers on Instagram and increase your reach for free?

Hashtags - properly selected are a perfect advertisement for your post - must be in line with the subject of the photo or graphic. It is also important to determine the right amount, the ideal limit is 12-18 tags, the first half should describe the photographs' elements in 100%. To avoid using blocked hashtags, it is worth using the HasztagBan application. However, thanks to the Photerloo program, we will add perfect hashtags to each photo. Just drop the photo in the indicated place, and the application will search for tags dedicated to it.

Interactions - the activity on the profiles of our observers also plays a large role in increasing the ranges. Before adding material to our account, we can comment or like photos of accounts in our user pool and repeat the action after publishing our post.

How to get Instagram followers?

1. Create an Instagram profile

The first step should be to decide whether the profile should be private or corporate. If we choose a company account, we must link it to our Facebook profile to create it. This will allow you to select the industry of our activity and will allow you to fill in the contact details. In addition, the business profile provides access to statistics and allows you to create sponsored posts. Then choose a profile picture that stands out, it can be our logo or some characteristic image associated with our company or field of activity. Next, we complete the description - it should be unique, so remember not to copy it from other websites or profiles on other social networks. In addition to the description, we should also include a link to our website.

It is also worth considering the name of our account. If it is two-part or longer, each part should be written with a capital letter, e.g. This notation looks better and is much clearer to the user than the standard lower case only form. If we want to promote our brand, it may be the company's name or website, but it is also worth approaching this element more creatively. The catchy name arouses the interest of users and is remembered.

Privacy settings are also important, make sure that our profile is not marked as private. The public profile will allow users to move freely around the account and our group of followers will expand. To maintain a valuable and constant relationship with recipients, it is worth focusing on interactivity and being available in real-time - thanks to this, commenters can become observers of our profile.

If you are wondering how to stand out on Instagram, think about the persona's characteristics to whom you want to direct your content. Focus on their interests, needs and goals; in this way, you will adjust the profile to your future recipients.

After completing the above elements, we can move on to what is most important for users, i.e. adding photos. Before we start promoting our profile in social media, we should publish a few photos, because single graphics will not encourage anyone to follow our account.

2. Promote your profile

Make sure your audience knows you have an Instagram account and what its name is. Inform users of other channels about it. Add a link to Instagram on your website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social networks, and in the footer of your email.

Thanks to this, some users who visit your other profiles on social media or receive, for example, your newsletter, out of curiosity, will visit your profile on Instagram. If they find it interesting, they will certainly add it to the watched ones. According to AdWeek, as many as 20% of all users of this portal also have an account on Facebook, so it is worth increasing the chance of reaching them with this simple move. Additionally, a great way to inform website users about our account is to post photos on Instagram on your website. Integrating your website with Instagram doesn't take much work. Many popular CMS systems have ready-made extensions that add such functionality (WordPress, Joomla).

3. Plan an effective strategy for publishing your materials

When answering how to get followers on Instagram, it should be noted that a good strategy and its consistent implementation will eventually pay off with success and gaining the dream number of followers. The high quality of photos and interesting topics translate into more people interested in our user account and generate traffic on our profile. The material should be published regularly, e.g. one or several photos a day. In order not to lose your followers, you should regularly engage them in the content we add. It's worth making sure you have a few photos ahead.

There are also some important tips to consider in your strategy:

Share mainly photos - users are much more likely to react to photos than video materials, and the most popular channels base their activities on photos. However, this does not mean that you should completely abandon films and animations. If you decide to publish video material from time to time, make sure that it is quite short - preferably a few or several seconds (e.g. step-by-step instructions for creating something or funny videos related to your business). Instagram allows us to process videos easily and apply them to them, just like photos with filters. Photos should be of the highest resolution, then it looks professional.

Use filters - if you don't have a professional camera and you are not a professional photographer - it's okay. All you have to do is start applying filters that enhance colors or add various effects. Instagram offers a huge selection of them, and one of the most chosen by users is the Mayfair filter. Its use translates into much greater interest in the photo by users than other filters. It gives warm and subtle shades of pink in the center of the picture and a darkened frame on the outskirts. Applying this filter can turn an ordinary image into photography that breaks records of popularity.

Post photos mostly on Wednesdays and Fridays - Sprout Social has analyzed more than 25,000 user interactions and presented a report that represents the best times for publishing posts on social media. The photo posted on Wednesday and Friday gives, on average, a much greater chance for followers to interact than the publications on the other days of the week. It's best to post on Wednesdays at 11:00 am, and on Friday between 10:00 am and 11:00 am. Users spend the least time on Instagram between 11:00 p.m. and 03:00 and Sundays. The weekend is not the best time to post on social media. In the analytical option, Instagram provides data on the activity of your users. It's worth posting when they're online.

Use hashtags - the more hashtags you use to tag your photo, the greater the chance of reaching a wider audience and causing more traffic to your profile. We should choose the most popular hashtags wisely and mark our posts with them. This will be facilitated by the Webstagram, with the help of which we can find the top 100 most popular hashtags and the latest trends. It's also a good idea to come up with your own original hashtag and tag your posts with it. It will help users find your posts, and if it is creative and relevant to your business, it can become the distinguishing mark of your account. Instagram also provides geolocation tag options with which you can increase the reach of your posts. Use hashtags that have a range of 20-300k, they can't be too general.

Plan your visual style - Unified style profiles are more popular and more enjoyable. You can set a few favorite filters, photo frames, and photo styles that you will use regularly. When inserting photos, make sure there aren't too many selfies. After all, it's a company Instagram that aims to promote your business. Take care of the content in line with the topic.

Remember about the description - what your users see first must attract attention with content and graphics. It is worth using the description to send followers to your landing page, sales page. In the description, call for a specific action according to the purpose of the inserted post, e.g. joining a competition, tagging a friend, visiting the website.

Plan BIO - this is the only place where you can add an active link, e.g. to your website, store, offer.

Promoted posts - Promoting posts get much less user engagement. Make sure your ad is in balance with value-added posts.

One of the easier ways to let users know you are on Instagram is to comment and like other users' content. According to the Digital Buzz Blog and Crazy Egg, Instagram users average add 575 likes and 81 comments to each photo every second. When you actively comment on material posted by other users, they are 401% more likely to become your followers.

4. Easy steps, How to comment on posts

• use Icon square on your computer to comment on posts faster,

• comment on photos marked with relevant and popular hashtags related to your photos,

• comment on current photos,

• Comment on photos with few comments to be more effective (fewer comments mean a greater chance that users will read your opinion),

• regularly reply to comments under the inserted posts.

Remember to also add interesting profiles of other users to the ones you follow. However, it is important to limit this action to a maximum of several dozen profiles per hour, because otherwise Instagram may block the add to watched button.

5. Tag other users

Tagging other users translate into 56% greater visitor engagement. When posting photos, tag and mention relevant users associated with the photo, this will help in gaining new followers and promoting your content.

6. Use geotags for your photos

Instagram allows you to add geo-tags to your photos, i.e. marking the locations where the photo was taken. Use this option as often as possible. Users often search for content made in a given location, so by using geo-tagging, you have the chance to reach more people. Adding location to photos translates into 79% more user engagement. To use the option to determine the location of photos, it is worth linking your account with Foursquare.

7. Enjoy Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are 24-hour relationships that most big companies or brands use to show their work or product backstage. In this way, they show clients what their business looks like from the inside and allow them to get to know each other better. Creating a perfect, interesting story requires adding relationships one by one, maintaining continuity. Another important point is choosing the right inscriptions, fonts, colors or background music.


Following the above tips will allow you to stand out on Instagram and gain your first followers. This cannot be achieved with a low amount of work, but the time spent on gathering a large group of followers and engaged users will help promote the services or products we offer. Therefore, it is worth taking care of every aspect described above, and above all about the most important stages:

• fully complete your profile and take care of its attractive appearance and high quality of published materials,

• connect your Instagram account with your Facebook profile, add a link to it on profiles in other social media, email footer, etc.

• comment on as many photos as possible,

• like as many photos as possible and follow as many users as possible,

• plan your material publishing strategy.

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