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How to Get a Top Story on Vocal Media

by Shamar 24 days ago in how to

The truth revealed about how to make it to the homepage.

How to Get a Top Story on Vocal Media
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I've seen many people ask on Vocal Media social media groups how you can become a Top Story so I thought I would explain it from my perspective.

What is a Top Story? These are the articles you see when you first open up the Vocal Media website and the lucky creators have each been sent $5 for making it to the homepage and some even receive an extra $5 if the content was promoted on their social medias.

Did you know Top Stories use to be called Staff Picks and the Vocal Media moderation team would pick on average only 5 a week?

Aside from the money, the general benefits of being a Top Story also include getting more views, likes and potentially tips for your story. Additionally, you can also get your name out in the open to other content creators. Sounds brilliant to me, but how do I get there?

Well, what makes it hard is that there are no guidelines as to what is eligible for a Top Story. And if there are guidelines then they are not publicly available. How I think it works, is when the Vocal Media Moderation Team (the ones who approve or reject your work) will read something they like and then make it a Top Story. For example, I am a huge fan of RuPaul's Drag Race and if I was to read a piece surrounding how RuPaul has made a positive difference in the LGBTQ community or something surrounding a similar topic - I would make it a Top Story.

I don't know the criteria as to what they can and can't pick in regards to topics and how many they are allowed to pick. Quite frankly, this is not our business as we are not part of the Moderation Team. Our job is to keep the content flowing!

Not releasing public guidelines is a smart move. If everyone knew how to generate a Top Story, we would all be writing endlessly and generating $5 or more every day. Vocal Media would be out of business pretty damn fast or they sure wouldn't be making as much profit as they used to.

One thing I have noticed is that Vocal Media does like it when you have written about them, usually based on the subject of how you can better yourself on the platform. Some folks have been blessed and worked hard enough for their piece to also become a Resource! However, writing about Vocal Media is not a guarantee of you making it to the top spot.

Ladies and gentlemen, the absolute truth you seek is that if you want a Top Story on Vocal Media then you just need to keep writing. Producing fun, interesting and informative content for all is most likely your best shot here. I do also believe an element of luck is involved also - the right person in the Moderation Team may be able to relate to your work or be able to take something away from it and make you a Top Story. Alternatively, it could be picked up by someone in the Moderation Team who has no idea what you're on about.

Saying all that, I could be completely wrong. There could be hidden guidelines or tips somewhere on the Vocal Media website which someone has found and refuses to share? Perhaps due to high demand, Vocal Media are in the process of writing tips and tricks as we speak? If it were my company, I wouldn't want to give the game away...

Anyway, it makes a nice surprise when you've been picked for a Top Story. It gives you that little boost and the momentum you need so you know you're still producing good quality writing. Alternatively, if you've never been a Top Story then please don't worry. There are thousands of other creators that want that position too but are not yet there. I've only had one Staff Pick and one Top Story since March 2020 (when I first started writing).

I would like to hear other people's opinions on how to become a Top Story. What technique has worked for you? How many Top Stories have you had? Do you know how they're picked?

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