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How To Find the Best Rates on Truck Shipping

What You Need to Know About Truck Shipping

By Kari OakleyPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

When you need to ship something domestically, truck shipments usually make the most sense. In fact, if the cargo doesn’t need to cross the ocean, trucks are almost always the most advantageous choice. However, it can be challenging to figure out what the right rates are for shipping. It can be even more challenging to figure out which the best rates are.

How To Find Rates

Finding the rates that you will be charged for shipping cargo can be difficult. It essentially comes down to getting a quote from providers in most cases. Obviously, this can be challenging. Fortunately, there are some tools and systems in place to help people who want to ship cargo.

For example, you may want to work with a freight broker. These people help to connect shippers with freight companies. This can make organizing shipping significantly easier for the shipper. It is helpful to work with a broker continuously. Typically, it is easier to get the best rates when you have an established relationship with the broker.

You can also find rates for some shippers through online freight tools. These connect with carriers and brokers to deliver multiple quotes with a simple form. This is one of the best ways to find good rates because it is so quick.

How Truck Shipping Costs Are Calculated

Rates are calculated based on several different factors including the weight, density, classification and distance of travel. For many trucks, weight is a key concern as they have maximum allowable capacities per axle. Density is another important consideration because very large, low weight cargo would be financially unfeasible otherwise. This may be described in the Bill of Lading.

The classification of the cargo also matters. Certain cargos require specific handling and containment techniques. The National Motor Traffic Association has 18 individual classes for freight. Classes cover density, stow-ability, value liability and more.

Of course, the distance the cargo needs to be carried is also important. Most carriers have some minimums and additional fees they may charge. So, don’t expect to get a great rate simply because you have less than a full truck or are only sending cargo a short distance. Depending on your needs, it may even make sense to send your good with a package carrier such as UPS or FedEx. Explore all your options to find the best rates.

How Freight Companies Get Paid

Freight carriers get paid for their cargo typically after delivery. Depending on your needs, you may have the option to pay within 30 days of delivery. Obviously, if you are spending a lot on shipping, you have a relatively high amount of leverage. If you are only sending small amounts of cargo, expect to pay right away or upfront. Some shipping companies may use a truck factoring company to get paid in advance.

How To Get Great Discounts

The trick to getting great rates is to have a lot of cargo. Of course, it doesn’t make any sense to send extra cargo just to get a lower rate per item. This may seem like you are out of options. However, you can potentially pool with others to save money.

This is where shipping brokers and specialists can be helpful. Some will bring together multiple small customers to negotiate better rates. This isn’t always possible, but it can help you save a large amount. The larger the network you work with, the more likely it is to be able to save your money on a given load.

Truck shipping is a great way to move goods for your business around the country. However, it can be expensive, especially if you only have minimal needs. Learning how to get the best rates and find discounts is an absolutely essential skill for businesses. In fact, many organizations employ people specifically to get the best rates for shipping. Learn more about this industry to optimize your costs.


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