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How to Earn Extra Money

For Writing In Vocal

By Jaymie SuhPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
How to Earn Extra Money
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Vocal Media is a platform that supports, discovers, and rewards creators. They provide storytelling tools and also engage communities for writers. That also includes musicians, filmmakers, artists, and other types of creators. This way, they will get discovered and also fund their creativity.

What is it for new writers? Well, Vocal Media is the best way for beginners to start with their writing career. Although many professional writers still use this platform. The main reason why is that you don't need to pay for a web hosting service or advertise your articles there in comparison with owning a blog.

How to Earn Money from Vocal Media

Vocal Media pays writers $3.8 in every 1,000 views you get from your article. But if you are a Vocal+ member, you will earn $6 in every 1,000. That's about an 80% increase in earnings so it's not a bad idea to try becoming a paying member. But you are not required to do so.

Vocal Media pays their creators via Stripe and the minimum payout should be $35 for regular members. For Vocal+ members, the minimum payout is lower which is $20. Although you can easily earn more when you join the premium membership. But you can always start for free if you are not ready to commit yet.

Vocal+ members will provide you with more benefits aside from doubling your income. They now have an editor for their paid members. It can help a lot in case you want to make some changes to your article. As a premium member, you can also join the writing contest that they hold almost every month.

The contests will earn you more income and of course, your articles will get more exposure. So, if you're interested in joining the Vocal+ membership, you can upgrade your account for $9.99 per month. But they sometimes have promotions with the membership fee so you can wait for it.

How Vocal Media Works?

1. Write Your Story

To get started, create a story about a topic that you want to write about. You can choose the niche that you are passionate about. That will set the theme of your Vocal Media profile.

Make your stories more engaging by adding media such as photos, videos, music, and more. That will attract more audience to your articles since it's visually appealing.

2. Find the Best Category

After you're done writing your story, it's time to choose the best category it belongs to. It will help your stories to be discovered by search engines. That way, it will be searchable in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more.

They have a team of human moderators that will ensure that your story will comply with the Community Guidelines. Once they finish the review process, your story will be approved and ready for the audience.

3. Start Earning Money

Aside from having a jump start with your writing career, Vocal Media will never claim your work. You can keep the rights to your stories and have your name as its author. It can provide more exposure to your writing skills to get you discovered.

Of course, you will earn from your efforts since your story will get monetized. You don't have to apply for AdSense or other monetization platforms yourself. They will take care of that so you can just focus on creating better stories while earning a passive income.

Personal Experience With Vocal Media

I've been a member of Vocal Media for more than a year now and even if I'm not that active, my articles still keep on earning a few cents. Maybe if I focus on it more, I should finally reach the payout since I haven't experienced it yet. I have a lot of different articles in Vocal Media but only two of them are performing.

I tried to upgrade my account to Vocal+ before but it seems that there's an issue with that feature before. Until now, I still can't upgrade my account with them. Probably because of my payment method or something. I'm not sure since there's no error message provided.

But I recently checked on my stats and they upgraded my account to Vocal+! I'm so happy considering that I've been trying to upgrade for some time now. They also included me in a paid survey that adds up to my earnings. That contributes to my cash-out amount.

Another thing is that you can't create new articles using your mobile. Maybe because they are trying to make sure that it will only be quality articles that will be added on the platform. But you can always use the web version of your browser on your mobile if you don't have a laptop.


Vocal Media is the best way to earn money from writing if you're just starting. It's easy to join so you don't have to worry if you're not that good yet. Their reviewers will help you to improve your story if needed. So, what are you waiting for? Join Vocal Media for free now and try it yourself.

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