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How to earn a $50 Bonus on Vocal Media? Full Guide!

$50 Bonus.

By ASAD EDUCATEPublished 9 months ago 3 min read
How to earn a $50 Bonus on Vocal Media? Full Guide!
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Trust me If you want to make free money on the internet then vocal media is one of the best platforms for you It doesn’t matter what you like to write and so in this guide, I share with you how to earn a $50 bonus on Vocal media in an easy and simple process.

First of all, here are your Questions and my answer related to Vocal media.

It is a Legit site?

Yes, Vocal media is a very popular website for bloggers especially those who want to start their blogging journey without any investment.

In very simple language here on Vocal! the more you write the more you earn. But many people ask me what I need to do Because I want to know How to write articles or content for vocal media? I also have a solution for you just keep reading and keep going!

It is possible to earn a $50 Bonus on Vocal Media?

Yes, Here is the proof on July 01 I received a $50 bonus from Vocal media after writing 50 stories!

How to get a $50 bonus from Vocal Media?

As I share with you my own $50 bonus on Vocal Media if you want to get a $50 bonus on Vocal media then you need to publish at least 50 stories first then you’ll be able to make $50 as a bonus from vocal.

How to write an article on Vocal media without any experience?

I think this is one of the biggest issues I found out on the internet which is I don’t have good English writing skills, I’m very weak in English, And also English is not my basic language then What do I need to do? Simply use the tool and generate an unlimited article with one click.

This is 2022 and the internet is full of content in different niches. The tool I personally like to use each and every single day is known as It is 100% free you can use it for writing at least 10 articles or more and then publishing those articles on Vocal media.

How to get paid from Vocal Media?

This is the only thing I personally like about Vocal Media is that you can get paid in different ways! How? Here are the three main ways for earning money online with vocal.

1. Affiliate sales: Write an article and also promote your amazon affiliate link and make a commission for every sale you received from customers.

2. Reads: As a user of vocal, It pays you the basis of CPM means cost per click. That means the more readers you get the more money vocal will pay you as a content writer.

3. Tipping: With these features, readers directly pay you for your post.

Payment Method of Vocal Media?

The payment method mostly used by Vocal is called stripe. It is a third-party application but the most popular payment method in the world.

Reason It is very popular? Because it easy and free to use. No extra fees are charges from you if you use as a best payment gateway.

Final Part

However, If you want to make some extra cash without any experience or without any investment then I highly recommend you to start with Vocal Media. If you took it seriously then one month later you’ll be able to make part-time income online through vocal.

Note: This article is originally published on my own blog Here is the link if you want to read more.

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  • Emmanuel Andrew3 months ago

    Even i post 50 stories but not received 50 dollars bones

  • I post 50 stories but no received any bonus ? Please Guide

  • Jason7 months ago

    Will I get paid $50 bonus as a free member?

  • Sid Aaron Hirji7 months ago

    I never got and they said my account under review d/t my work not being genuine. I think they are selective

  • Denise Larkin9 months ago

    I have 68 stories on here and have never gotten this bonus! Is this right?

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