How to Deal with Getting Fired

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The Dos and Don'ts

How to Deal with Getting Fired

Losing your job, whether it was your dream or not, can be a devastating experience for most of us. You may have many emotions flowing through your mind: Anger, sadness, loneliness, maybe even happiness. But what mostly matters is how you deal with it. These are the Dos and Don'ts of getting fired.

Don't let anger take over!

Its easier said than done, but the one thing you mustn't do is get angry. I know that the first thing you want to do is probably scream or throw a chair, but this can actually hinder your attempts at finding another job.

Always try to remain in a calm state, this will show that you are remaining sophisticated and easy to talk to. By doing this your ex-employer will have one good final memory of you and will probably tell your next employer how well you remain calm in tense situations. It will also give you the chance to take in the information better and gather your thoughts.

So overall, it acts as one of your strengths.

Ask questions.

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Everybody has the right to ask questions as to why they are being dismissed. You may want to know where you went wrong, what proof they have, and how might your colleagues know of your dismissal.

Asking questions is a good way to know where you went wrong (if you did) and how to avoid it again in the future, it is also a good way to catch your boss if you think they are making a mistake or doing an unfair dismissal.

I find the more questions you ask, the better. You may feel stupid or worse when asking the questions, depending on the answer, but it gives you a better understanding of what went on, instead of sitting there with your head buried in the sand. But remember, don't be defiant or demanding in any way... take a deep breath and ask nicely.

A Handshake Goodbye

A handshake can go a long way! Leaving the building without saying goodbye can leave a negative atmosphere for everybody, just because you feel sad doesn't mean everybody else has to.

Before leaving, give your now ex-boss and colleagues a handshake. This gives the image of somebody who is keeping positive and is mature enough to not hold grudges (even though you are... but they don't need to know that). This also shows that you are leaving on good terms.

Leaving on good terms is a sign of good faith and positivity, so like I said—a handshake can go a long way.

Know your rights.

After getting fired and trudging on home, read up on your rights as an employer and double check your employers policy, as there may be a written right or policy that wasn't acknowledged.

Doing this will help you see if it was an unfair dismissal or not. If the meeting wasn't carried out professionally, then it is an unfair dismissal—the same goes for any unexplained reasons, if it was against the policies, or they fired you and it was under discrimination. This is extremely important as it will help get your foot through the door for another job, and get an apology or maybe compensation that you deserve.

But be careful as you don't want to make a claim and not do your full research. CHECK EVERYTHING!

Keep your chin up and push forward.

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Don't let this setback worry you, there are always opportunities out there for you to explore! Avenues that you haven't yet walked down. You may feel lost and alone and full of worry, but keep your spirits high as the sun will fall on this day, but rise on a new one and bring you a new light for you to follow.

Talk to friends and family, relax, and use this time to figure out what you really want in life. Get the motivation to walk forward and discover yourself!

Finding a new job will be hard, but if you can land your previous job, you can land another job, and when you do, relish it and you know what... YOU WILL SUCCEED!!

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