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How to Create Visual Content for your Digital Strategy

Creative content ideas for any business

By Ginger LiuPublished 4 years ago 5 min read
Digital Marketing for Cats

In my ten+ years as an agency founder managing digital marketing, PR and content strategy for international clients - creating and sustaining content for web and social over 6–12 months and beyond is something that many businesses struggle with.

I've given workshops to entrepreneurs who struggle with creating and marketing content. Businesses know they need content but they don't know how to produce it every day and many give up because, let's face it, entrepreneurs have enough on their plate.

I've worked with small one-woman businesses and large corporations. It's not always about who has the money to create and produce content 365 days a year.

Whether your business has the budget to hire a creative agency, a full-time video, and photography content producer, or it's just you and your smartphone - a content and marketing plan has to be in place.

Brainstorm with you team

Sit down with your team and get ready to brainstorm. Look at the competition and take notes. Don't be disheartened if you can't afford the content and advertising budget of Nike. I want you to look at a variety of businesses, large and small and from different industries to get a real idea of what works or doesn't work and how businesses in different industries get creative with their content.

What are the stats on content?

Stats % Forbes Research 2018

95 million photos are uploaded each day Half a Billion people watch video on Facebook

In 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80%

of all consumer internet traffic every day

54% prefer to see video content from brands, more than any other content.

Over half of video content is viewed on mobile

Social video generates 12 times more shares than text and images combined

82% of Twitter users watch video on Twitter

4.2 billion Instagram likes per day

92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others

85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound

Videos on a landing page can Viewers retain 95% of a message increase conversions by 80% when they watch it on a video

Start your content strategy now with these steps

What are your business goals? This is stuff you should already know and they should be solid and attainable. We don't want empty statements like you want to make a billion dollars. How are you going to achieve that?


Long term and short term goals

Increase sales

Increase brand awareness

Grow social media channels

Gain media exposure

Attract influencers

Attract new business - business development

Define your goals

Remember your Mission Statement:

What do you do/what is your business?

How do you do it?

Understand your core business message - Why do you do it?






Define your audience

Every social channel has a different audience and demographic.

Create a Buyer Persona for each social channel, e.g. younger demographics prefer to use Instagram and Snapchat over Facebook.

Tailor your content for each social network.

Analyze results - don't waste your time posting videos to Facebook if no one is watching them.

Write about your ideal customer and their likes, wants, and needs. Such as:

Personal Background: age, marital status, location

Online Behavior

Worries and Fears

Lifestyle: home life, holidays, leisure, hobbies, friends and family, work-life balance Finances: household income, disposable income

Business Background: job and professional skills




Brand Affinities

Content Strategy

Planning: goals, personas, marketing, social networks, website, business message, purpose - what, why, who, when, and how.

Management: develop a Content Calendar to plan key business day activities and events to film and photograph. Key in local, national and international events to cross-promote on social media. Decide how and when you and your staff can film and photograph your business activities.

Development: the Buyers Journey - ideas stage - create a story using video, stills, text, audio and a script. Budget for equipment and content which is produced with realistic aims.

Who will produce the content?

What is your budget and skill set?

Do you have the time?

Creation: shooting and editing video, stills, audio, text, and graphics, found footage.

Create a bank of repurposed content and graphics to use year-round.

Promote and Track: post to social channels, website, blog posts, emails.

Analyze performance and tweak.

Social Media Marketing

Key Channels and What's right for you and your business

Facebook - Business page, audience demographics, events, groups, post images, and text, link to a website, share content, Live video, consumer feedback, and audience discussion, Marketplace - sell, Ads.

Twitter - Unique #Hashtag to build the brand, Follow influencers, connect directly to consumers, media and influencers, real-time conversations and consumer feedback, post images and text, share content, Ads.

Instagram - Photo and video sharing, filters, image-led, link to a website, Shopping - sell, consumer feedback, Instagram Stories - live video, behind-the-scenes content, Ads.

LinkedIn - Business profile, network, connect with trusted professionals and businesses, post and promote business-themed content, groups, sales leads/business development, Ads.

Pinterest - Image-based network, create themed boards, used for inspiration and ideas on new products, Ads.

Snapchat - 24 hours videos - Live Stories - real-time for live events, e.g. product launches, trade shows, behind-the-scenes content, Ads.

YouTube - Marketing, entertainment, and consumer video content, How-To videos, video sharing, selling and influencer marketing, Ads.

Owned - Earned - Paid Media

Owned: website, social media channel, and blog.

Earned: social shares, mentions, reposts, and reviews.

Paid: advertising, pay per click, ads, and paid influencers.

Think Visually

Types of Marketing Video

Brand - Builds awareness of business, beliefs, values.

Demo - How your product works.

Educational or Instructional - Teach your audience about your business, employee stories, and business culture.

Explainer - This shows your audience why they need your product/service.

Customer Testimonial - Consumers explain your product/service.

Live - Behind the scenes, interviews, events with viewer participation.

Event - Conference, fundraiser, etc.

Expert Interviews - Leaders and influencers in your industry.

Documentary - Storytelling and emotion.

Short Form - Social media platforms.

Long-Form - Website and video sharing sites.

Social Video Length

Instagram Stories - 15 seconds

Facebook - 45 minutes Twitter - 140 seconds

Instagram - 60 seconds

Snapchat - 60 seconds Facebook Live - 4 hours

Repurposing Content

85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound

Create an image bank and compose with varying text content.


Video Clips

Edit short and long clip formats with varying text content for social media channels, websites, and video sharing sites.

Text and Graphics

Keep it brief

Business Name


Call to Action

1 minute


10 seconds


Copyright is a legal right that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights to determine if this work may be used by others.

Always seek permission to use music, photographs, and video which has been created by others. You must site content you use.

Check user Creative Commons or use Royalty-Free sites like FreeSound or Pixabay. Some charge a usage fee.

Model Release

A model release is a legal document signed by the subject of a video, photograph or audio, which grants permission to publish.

If in doubt, get one signed.

Monitoring Results



Top Tweet


Top Mention

Age and Gender


Instagram Insights


Top Follower


Snapchat Insights

YouTube Analytics


Twitter Analytics

Purchases Activity



Smartphone or DSLR?

Budget and skill level determine which camera you use.

Plan ahead and create a storyboard or script: goal, audience, and message.

Look for light: window, outside, or artificial.

Beware of background noise: find a quiet place to record.

Beware of camera shake: support your camera or smartphone with two hands or a tripod Keep it short, keep it simple.

Practice and look at the competition.

Choose an upbeat animated person for your film.

Is it boring?

Use humor.

What are you waiting for?

Ginger Liu, M.F.A. is a photographer, filmmaker, writer, and creative consultant. She is the founder of Ginger Media & Entertainment.


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