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How to Bring Humor to Your Social Media Campaigns

Why your social media doesn't have to be super boring.

By Regina ThomasPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

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When you're launching a social media campaign, you need to think about what you're sharing with your audience and how you're doing it. Every day, there are countless social media campaigns fighting for people's attention, including your own. If you're going to make things dry and plain-stated, you're going to have a hard time arousing interest. These are ways you can bring humor into your social media campaign for better results.

Be Relatable

Things that make us laugh are often ones that tie back to our lives. We think about how something a comedian or another funny person brings up relates to us. Your social media campaigns should have hooks that make a reader care, and humor can be the source of that hook.

For instance, if you're promoting a new app that lets you program laundry machines without coins, you can joke about how much of a pain it is to track down quarters to wash your clothes. This way, you'll be both providing a solution to a common problem and helping to relax your audience. Your campaign can look less promotional, which is always good for attracting those who are wary of being marketed to.

Use Visual Humor

A great text-based joke doesn't pop nearly as well as a great visual one. With a social media campaign, you have a limited amount of time for getting someone's attention. Use great pictures and videos that relate to your content and which could inspire guffaws at first glance. A looping video can really entrance people, especially one that gets funnier the more it's played. Learn how to loop a video and seek out ones that are exactly right for your various campaigns.

Visual humor is also great for the purposes of breaking up chunks of text that could otherwise make your social media campaign feel a bit dry. A blend of photos, videos, and GIFs can keep people scrolling far more than they would if they just saw a bunch of paragraphs with only a few different text styles for variation.

See What Works on You

Everyone has their own sense of humor, and when something really tickles you, it can feel like your mind has been cleansed. The next time something makes you laugh, try to think about why it did. Then, think about how you can incorporate that into a social media campaign. Some types of humor don't translate well for social media campaigns, but if you're creative enough, you can find a way to tailor them for your needs. Think of the audience as well, as you should know when something is too niche to work how you intend for it to.

Stay Up-to-Date

You don't want to be the person making references to last year's or even last month's memes in your social media campaigns. Some humor is timeless, but other types need to be checked for freshness. Capitalize on current trends and discussions, even if it's just to make a quick aside in an introduction. Be careful about what you reference in a humorous manner, as some topics are too serious to be dealt with in such a manner. Humor is a good tool to use when it's available, but it shouldn't be used out of obligation, especially when not appropriate.

Don't Overdo It

Humor in a social media campaign is like hot sauce: a little truly goes a long way. It's great to have some jokes to throw in. However, when you turn your posts into total riffing sessions, your audience might start to wonder what exactly you're intending to do. Think about how lecturers will often start with jokes and weave them through their speeches without calling attention them. Do that with your social media campaigns. Let them be professional but not completely uptight. It might take a while to get your tone just right. Experiment as much as you're able to, and after a while, you'll be in the swing of things.

Your use of humor can be subtle at times and broad at others. There's really no one perfect way to create a social media campaign, but appealing to different sensibilities is an excellent strategy. Pretty soon, you'll have people following your calls to action, thanks to how you gave them a laugh.

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