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How to Become An Authority In Any Blogging Platform

by Rui Carreira 22 days ago in how to

One of the things bloggers NEED to aim for is “authority” in their platform. Learn how to get that here.

One of the things bloggers NEED to aim for is “authority” in their platform.

They need to be seen as big players in whatever platform they are at, or at least highly reputed sources.

To do this, they can lie or “fake it till you make it” — but they end up sabotaging themselves.

You see, Vocal has a problem, and this problem has to do with the huge number of people who share earnings screenshots made with Photoshop to get subscribers.

I’ve seen dozens upon dozens of people posting insane earnings to get the people who view them to sub to them to “copy their strategies or articles”.

This won’t get you there.

Let me tell you how to become an authority in any blogging platform — it isn’t hard if you plan on really getting your back into it.

Beat Them Through Activity:

The main way to do it is probably through activity.

People are lazy, people never “have enough time”. They cut corners and are mainly unwilling to put down real effort — they want real results but want to avoid real effort.

This is why you can beat the overwhelming majority of any blogging platform by being one of the most active people in it.

This means posting, commenting, following, you name it — everything counts.

Comments on different blogs, follow on different authors, all activity helps create two things:

The people you comment on or follow see you;

You create links on Vocal to your profile.

These things are both positive and you’ll get a lot of benefits from them… but you should keep on being active CONSISTENTLY.

This is what separates the authorities from the rest… the authorities are always in the spotlight due to the sheer activity they put on the platform.

Beat Them Through Engagement:

Another way is through engagement, and this one is also a big variable.

Comment on every page you can get the time to… really go out there and talk to everyone who comes in front of you.

This doesn’t mean spam comments like “good work” or something, but meaningful comments with some meat to them… but try to really go wild and comment at least 50 times per day if you want to dominate a blogging platform.

Then, opt for some tricks to make shorter comments appear longer like, instead of:

- I also like apples, but I prefer pears.

Say something along the lines of:

- Hey there,

Apples are great, love them…

…however, have you tried pears?

They rock!

Keep up the good work.


You see, I commented on the same idea, but in a way that makes it appear much more organic and much larger.

Do this and you’ll have an easier time while commenting.

Beat Them Through Support:

Another thing you can do is to support the blogging platform you’re currently writing for.

Develop projects for that platform and show the community you care.

If the platform doesn’t accept any kind of user-generated projects, like Vocal, then create communities or contests.

Create a “sponsor a friend” campaign, try to make Vocal larger.

People will notice and they’ll flock to your generous personality — and the platform may even throw you a bone or two.

If you’re trying to take value, add value…

…this is a Golden Rule!

Beat Them Through Dependence:

The best way you can make your presence felt is if your presence is needed.

Make others depend on you for something.

This requires a bit of creativity and thought work, but by thinking of a way to create dependence on you, you’ll be attracting others and keeping them there.

There’s an adage on business that is: Keeping a client is cheaper than getting a client.

Well, for bloggers it goes like this:

- Keeping a reader is easier than getting a reader.

Get readers, sure, but don’t forget to keep them so your metrics go higher and your bounce rate keeps to lower levels.

Beat Them Through Hard Work:

All in all, these tips all combine into one core variable — work.

To beat others, you must do what others aren’t willing to do. Being a blogger is much more than writing.

We aren’t writers, bloggers are writers who also have sound business sense, otherwise, we sink into the millions of blog posts published every single day.

Think about the number of zeros in millions and how that influences your chance to get read — you need to have business sense and put in the work to truly become an authority…

Finally, if you liked this article, be sure to comment on it because the love I get from you guys is key, as I discussed previously with the engagement section.

Can you guys make this my most viewed story of all?



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