How to Be a Prolific Writer

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Writing as a Business

How to Be a Prolific Writer

Anyone can write a vast amount of content but will it be of quality and high-profit content that sells, builds your business, and boosts your authority? So how to be a prolific writer is the question that most people want answers to.

Prolific meaning productive, creative, inventive, plentiful, abundant, bountiful.

Do you like writing?

Firstly you have to like writing to write the type of content that sells. You wouldn’t be reading this article if you didn’t. You also wouldn’t be in this business if you didn’t either. However, if you don’t like writing and are reading this article for some inspiration then you are in the wrong business. I may be contradicted but that is my opinion. You may like the idea of a content marketing business but want to outsource your ideas.

In the blogging, affiliate marketing, and content writing world, content is king. We all know that. Without content, you do not have a business per se. Your readers and visitors want content to read, and the search engines want content to crawl, so we need to produce it constantly.

How to Be a Prolific Writer

Whatever niche you are in, you still need to write good quality content that your readers will enjoy. You want to be able to inform them about a subject or topic that they want to know about. Inform them about facts they don’t know but want to know and learn. You have to have content that informs your readers better than any one of your competitors.

Becoming a prolific writer won’t happen overnight. It will take many hard slogging weeks of writing content and more content. It may take months. You have to look at this business in the long term and into the future and not just for the here and now.

Set some goals for yourself, how many articles can you write in a certain amount of time. DO NOT RUSH. Remember your articles and blog posts have to be of a high standard with top of the market content. The goals you set yourself have to be realistic goals and goals that are achievable otherwise it’s a waste of time setting them in the first place.

You want to be noticed eventually in as many places as possible on the web. You want your name to be recognized as a leading influencer on writing good quality content. This is very achievable.

Read as much information about your niche as possible and I can’t stress this enough. Reading and research go hand in hand. So keep reading and researching. The more knowledge you gain, the more you can inform your readers of your knowledge in a confident manner.

How much are you already writing?

You may think you do not write as much as you should. How about what you do in your day to day business? How much are you writing already? Where, you might say! Look at social media; for example, how many posts do you write? How many people do you engage with on Facebook messenger? This all requires writing. It’s not just Facebook, you may post in forums and write emails—it all adds up.

This is all great practice for your articles where good content is needed. Tell yourself that YES! I can do this. Don’t have any distractions when writing your content; it’s all about your mindset and telling yourself you are up to the job in hand. Okay, posting in forums and on Facebook is not rocket science, it’s the start of a scale up to your writing that you will be doing and want to achieve.

Do you want this business badly enough?

Yes! This is a business. Unless you look at writing your content for your website or blog as a business it will never work as a business. You have to want it badly enough. So once again your mindset plays some part in this.

If you are just treating making money online as a hobby then okay, that’s fine. There will be some point though that if you start to make money online you will think to yourself, "Hey! This is working." This is the point in time when you decide you want more, and it would be in your best interests to treat your money making hobby as a business from that point onwards.

Of course, writing is just one of the aspects you will be doing in your day to day routine. There are other factors you will have to consider and do. Do you really want to have to do all these other tasks? As in…

  • Advertising your website and posts
  • Posting to social media, forums, and article directories
  • Writing emails and sending them
  • Networking to get to know your proposed customers
  • Dealing with technology hassles with your computer and or software
  • Updating your website and keeping it compliant
  • And many more…

These are all questions you will need to ask yourself and you have to be 100 percent sure about.

Tricks and Secrets to Being a Prolific Writer

Here are some ways to win the war on words. Set yourself a goal of how many words a day you will write. It could be 500 or 2000; whatever number you decide on, stick to it, and don’t shut down the computer until you have done your word count quota. It’s about challenging yourself. Great things can and do happen if you challenge yourself.

Another trick is this quote: “If you want to be a prolific writer, become a voracious reader.” Why, you may ask. Well, as I said earlier, reading and researching are a must do activity before contemplating writing. Also, reading is great for giving you ideas and inspiration on what to write about. I am not talking about reading a romantic novel here. I am talking about reading informative material to inspire you and obtain that word count for the day.

A routine is a must in my eyes. Try to write every single day. This will eventually become a routine just like that first cup of tea or coffee every morning. The key is to be consistent and make your routine become a good habit.

Don’t try to edit any of your work while you are writing it. Just get it written and worry about the editing later. I find if I do this, I write more than my daily word count easily. It’s about the flow of your writing. If you keep interrupting your writing to edit it then you lose the flow. So as the saying goes, “work smarter not harder.”

Always have your mobile/cell phone handy when you are away from your computer. Ideas can come and go in your head, so it’s a good idea to note any ideas you may think of on your mobile/cell phone. You may have your own way of remembering ideas, whatever they may be, just be sure to get those ideas saved somewhere.

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