How to Be a Good Writer

by Monalisa Roy 7 months ago in advice

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How to Be a Good Writer

What characteristics do you think a person should have to be a good writer? Should he look like a dark twisted person who keeps it to himself, doesn’t talk much? Or should he be someone who is cheerful and happy so all his writings come out happy and refreshing? Or should he be someone who has a bad past which inspires him to write? Or should he belong to a particular race that has produced many good writers in their time? But do you really think that a person should possess certain qualities in order to be a good writer?

Sure, some of them are necessary. Like having a good vocabulary. Having a good knowledge on grammar. An interest in reading and getting inspiration. A keen sense of what comes after but other than that I hardly think anything else is necessary.

What I think comes down to: It all is a readers perspective. Whether the reader is liking your blog, or your book, or your poem is what really counts. To be a really good writer is to have the ability to address your readers in a simple and easy language which is understandable by your reader. There is no point in writing if your readers do not understand a single word you’re saying.

Imagine this. You have just written an entire blog on, let’s say, “Why life must go on?” You have given all your perspectives on how someone should live life or how to move forward after experiencing a difficult time in their lives. I am sure what you might have written is great. But you’ve used jargons. You’ve used long sentences. Your readers will not read your blog not because it doesn’t have value but because it is difficult for them to understand.

In earlier times, during the 14th century, it was considered that if your readers do not understand your writing then it must mean that it’s great. But times have changed. It’s the 21st century now and no one has time to read something they don’t understand.

You know what? Now is the best time in the entire human history to write and publish anything you want. You don’t need anyone to give your approvals or permissions.

So let’s read on to find out how we can be a good writer?

1. Reading: This is one of the most important aspects of being a good writer. You have to read plenty of books to gain knowledge, to increase your vocabulary, to understand how other writers write. There’s no way around it.

2. Writing: Write every day. We all know how the saying goes “practice makes a man perfect”. So practice writing every day. Choose any topic and just write what comes to mind. There is no right answers. There is just ideas. So explore and dive right into it.

3. Get help: Consider reading what you wrote to your family and friends. Ask for their opinion. Be open to suggestions. Then work on your piece accordingly.

4. Get moving: Too many of us waste away procrastinating. That’s no way to go about life. You have to keep your motor running. Just do what needs to be done. Stop putting it off for some other time. You know often, while I have to start writing, I think there’s so much work to do. Research, choosing the best piece, giving your own ideas into it. So let me tell you what’s the flaw in this is. Just don’t think. Just don’t think about the sequence of things you have to do in order to get that one particular task done. Sit down with your laptop, or your notebook and just finish the writing you were supposed to finish half a week ago.

5. Inspiration: It is important to understand that without inspiration you can’t create. So get inspiration from your favorite writers, blog posts. This way you will find yourself writing way more than usual.

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If you are still wondering about how to be a good writer then let me say this- wondering won’t help!

Start your research, start with whatever comes to mind. DO IT NOW!

Monalisa Roy
Monalisa Roy
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