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How the Universe Told Me That I Am A FEMINIST

by c h y n n a 𝓀𝑒𝓃. 🌅 4 months ago in quotes / social media / religion / humanity / how to / history / advice
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31 years later I get confirmation.


The Universe,


or whoever you pray to has a funny way of revealing itself only if you pay attention to the signs.

This didnt happen instantly, it had to run its course in life.

A lot of soul searching & spiritual awakening guided me to my soul purpose.

Clue #1 Spice Girls was & still is my favorite singing group. Despite their amazing talent their mantra stands by GIRL POWER.

SPICE GIRLS helped me instill the acceptance of diversity in people even if they don’t dress or act like me. All the SPICE GIRLS had their own personality but they all coexisted with each other to become the #1 girl group in the world.

I never had set style for how I dress, which the older I got each of the girl group all shown a different reflection of my personality.

Ginger Spice - eccentric

Scary Spice - catty & bold

Sporty Spice - athletic

Baby Spice - girly/feminine

Posh Spice - sexy & high fashion

However I naturally gravitated towards Ginger Spice who was the main face of the group. Could it be a coincidence that her & I have the same birthday ?

A little cute moment. I end up introducing one of my little cousins to spice girls on my birthday. Coincidentally she is now the age I was when I first discovered the group. Did I mention we are both Leo’s ♌️🦁. Universe you are very funny. 🙂

Clue #2 This society is very masculine driven. It was instilled in my upbringing . All I seen women in my family pretty much get their feminine energy was stripped from them (from dealing with karmic relationship, avoiding self care, & also dealing with multiple health issues due to stress).

When I had my health scare of having uterine fibroids I had to tell myself there has to be a spiritual meaning on why this is happening. Why is this a common thing for women especially for African American women? Especially for women in my family of different generations let alone dealing with female reproductive issues within generations of women on both sides ?

After a lot of researching and spiritual intuition I realized it stemmed from unhealed trauma.

Clue #3 Having an estranged relationship with my own mother the older I got & also seeing other women dealing with similar situations I had to put 2 & 2 together.

I had to come to understanding that feminine energy will o lay offend who, it was taking away from. A lot of women especially of older generations never didn’t get to practice “self-care” because they either had to grow up fast & raise themselves as well as siblings (masculine energy = over responsibility) growing up in a toxic household which that put that responsibility on them at a young age.

Clue #4 In my early 20s embracing my tomboy side resulted in me having a few male friends since I never felt that I could fit in with a lot of the girls that I went to college with.

Rumors in college had circulated about me & that one male friend who I had looked at as a brother. We literally busted out laughing & looking at each other in disgust because it’s the level of ridiculous of mentally immature people who got too much time on their handsto spread rumors about people.

It‘s sad that the society that we live in males & females can’t just be friends ?

I don’t know people are weird.

I am just thankful that I have a supportive male who is not only a brother to me but also is a brother to my boyfriend as well.

Clue #5 Speaking of identity I always felt confused on how a lady is suppose to dress.

A lot of identity crisis from my preteens until my now boyfriend and I got up. Luckily, he says I am the perfect balance. I mean who really is trying to get DOLLED up 24/7 ? Just to get some toilet paper ? That is exhausting & very time consuming.

I have a very childlike artsy personality let alone I look ten years younger than my real age. So my style is going to be all over the place. Even though I do have a few go to looks.

Clue #6 Some of the men in my life inherit a feminine side within them but still deal with issues of expressing that due to the judgement of family, peers etc that are constructed in this overly masculine religion driven society.

Males were forbidden from playing with girl toys especially in what I like to call the hyper traditional era (1960s & back). Let alone if a male displayed any act of feminity, their fathers especially would not be the happiest camper.

When a male cries it would be looked at as a sign of weakness as well.

Once again too much hyper masculinity.

Clue #7 I’ve always heard the whole somewhere in the bible it talks about that only men should be pastors in a local church & only men should teach the Bible.

I think it was 1 Timothy 2:11-12 where it states, a woman must quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness. But I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet.

Personally, I know how I can’t change how the Bible was written but the fact that it supports men having authority over women is a personal an eye opening red flag for me to not to deal with religion anymore.

That alone tells me women don‘t have the same opportunities as men.

Clue #8 Especially in the African American community females seem to really be put against each other more than African American men.

Especially in pop culture it’s always basend off of who is prettier, who is more stylish etc.

You would think we would stick together knowing females get overlooked by our male colleagues.

Being a feminist isn’t how you aesthetically look or how soft your voice may sound. It’s a state of being.

There are multiple other claims as to why I feel I identify with being a feminist but the ones listed above are the ones I feel I identify with the most.

Well enough of my FEMINIST rant.

I hope my thoughts can add to the revolution to bring equality to both sexes.

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