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How online matrimony business model turned successful in India?

Bharat matrimony business model

How online matrimony business model turned successful in India?
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India is a place where most of the marriages are arranged and the life partners are chosen with an opinion of parents and elders. The community is still believing at putting hard for choosing a perfect life partner. Parents want to look after each and every aspect on their own to select a life partner for their children.

Earlier the search of perfect bride or groom was done with the assistance of relatives, recommendations, marriage bureaus, newspaper advertisements in matrimonial columns. But now the online platforms have replaced the traditional methods of choosing the perfect soulmate to some extent. With the arrival of online matrimony, people are more attracted towards the virtual platform.

The advanced version of the matrimony platform which is located online has reduced the usage of marriage bureaus by the people and had taken over the marketplace percentage of matrimonial advertisements in newspapers. These online platforms are very user friendly as the matchmakers keeps the profile safe and secure also gives you convenience and comfort to choose a good life partner.

Why online matrimony is more inviting to the audience?

People are busy and cannot invest time to discover an appropriate match through conventional methods. They want something easy, handy, confidential, and assured. That’s in which matrimony websites and their online business model serve the motive with the large database they have at the same time as imparting with authenticity, privacy, and protection.

Considering the fact that online matrimony is a great business opportunity and online websites like shaadi. com, jeevansathi. com, bharatmatrimony. com and others have created a good name for their convenient services for the customers looking for online matrimony.

Bharat matrimony business model

One of the most used and user-friendly matrimonial websites is Bharat matrimony. Bharat matrimony has the first website to create its presence online that supports all the major communities present in India. Such as Hindu, Punjabi, Gujrati, Sindhi, Tamil, etc.

Bharat matrimony business model is a huge community that provides on-line matchmaking services for deciding the best soulmate and is likewise present domestically with its 130 offline stores in distinct elements of India for its customer support and also present in various foreign nations with a large community base.

Once an employee to a company and then launched online matrimony business Mr. Murugavel Janakiraman started this business model in the past 1990s with different features offered by his website. Initially, the objective was not only to launch an online matrimony service or a matrimony business model but to initiate an online interaction with the Tamil community online.

The aim behind was to bring back the lost connection between the Tamil network. As Mr. Murugavel was positioned as a programmer inside the united states, he has lost contact with his circle of relatives, pals, and his loved ones.

He determined to get in contact with the Tamil community online and come up with a start-up concept or matrimony online version named in 1997. The internet site was built especially for Tamilians for attractive interaction with friends and family and also with the aim of reducing the lost touch with traditions and rituals.

The website supports creating new or connects to friends, provides Tamil matrimony platform for interested users, an informative platform with spiritual and auspicious dates calendar, book E-tickets with linking journey partners, and so on.

The early days were very difficult for the new business model but later it gets good recognition with its promotions and marketing strategies. After a few months, the founder recognized that he is getting positive results for the online matrimony model. Using this as an opportunity he introduced a separate website for creating soulmate for Tamil communities.

Later with more advancement and features, he introduced many attractive features such as creating profiles and choose for different Indian communities. Offering a user-friendly interface for both youths as well as parents and a simpler process for choosing the best with complete privacy and security. Now Bharat Matrimony offers the online chatting feature to start online conversations with both audio and video feature options.

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