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How much will a MOT cost me?

by Olivia James 2 months ago in business
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Defects will be classified as serious

Defects will be classified as serious, major, or minor under new laws. If your car has a minor fault, it will pass with repairs recommended. Both major and dangerous faults result in a failure.

MOT failures will be promptly kept on a national database under the new regulations, making it illegal to drive after a MOT with serious or dangerous problems. Even though their latest MOT is still valid, motorists may be penalised if their vehicle has a major problem.

Additional car tests, exemptions for select classic cars, and tighter emissions limits for diesel cars are among the other new restrictions.

Please note, when looking for a car service near me garage to book an MOT, book with a garage who carry out MOT tests, car service and repairs just in case of a MOT failure.

MOT prices are regulated, and MOT test sites are only allowed to charge a certain amount.

The exact sum varies depending on the vehicle type however, it may cost up to £54.85 for a car and £29.65 for a regular motorbike. The MOT charge is also VAT-free.

Visit the GOV UK website for a complete explanation of maximum prices. Search online for ‘how to check vehicle MOT history’ as this information is also available on the GOV UK website.

What happens if my MOT test fails?

Your car will have failed its MOT if it was classified as having 'dangerous' or'major' faults in your MOT test reports. As a result, you may not be permitted to drive the car again until the issues are resolved.

You may also receive a list of'minor' or 'advisory' problems, which you should monitor or resolve in the future, in addition to a test failure.

When your vehicle fails the MOT, the test centre will issue you a'refusal of a MOT test certificate' (paper copy), which will be registered on the MOT database. Book your car with a garage in Reading who not only complete MOT tests but also carry out vehicle repair and maintenance work to avoid further hassle.

How soon can I book a MOT?

An MOT can be performed up to one month, minus one day, before the expiration date of your existing MOT certificate, while keeping the expiry date anniversary.

For instance, if you have your MOT done a month before the required date, your MOT will be valid for 13 months. Check MOT status of your vehicle today to make sure you are not driving without a valid MOT which can result in an unlimited fine.

What happens if my MOT is passed?

When your car passes its MOT, the test centre will provide you a new MOT certificate. In addition, the results of the exam will be entered into the national MOT database.

You may be handed a list of 'minor' or 'advisory' faults to monitor or rectify in the future, in addition to a MOT pass and the ability to drive away. Our recommendation is to resolve such 'advisory' issues as soon as possible, before they become more serious, dangerous, or costly.

You can also check MOT history of your vehicle online and confirm what the previous ‘minor’ was or ‘advisory’ faults.

The MOT test is known to give drivers a lot of worry. We wanted to address some of the most often asked 'MOT' questions by those drivers. MOT failures will be promptly kept on a national database under the new regulations, making it illegal to drive after a MOT with serious or dangerous problems.


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