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How Many Claims Are Allowed in Car Insurance?

Owning a car requires having insurance since it protects you financially from any unforeseen mishaps or damages which can happen while you're on the road. A person makes a big financial investment in a car.

By Angel DiptiPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Owning a car requires having insurance since it protects you financially from any unforeseen mishaps or damages which can happen while you're on the road. A person makes a big financial investment in a car. You must insure your car to maintain legal compliance as a car owner. A car insurance plan satisfies legal requirements and offers you cash support if your vehicle is damaged. You may be wondering, as a policyholder, how many claims are permitted under auto insurance and what the restrictions or limitations are.

How many car insurance claims are permitted per year?

The number of claims you can submit annually under your auto insurance coverage is typically unrestricted. The vehicle insurance claim impacts the NCB (No Claim Bonus), so keep that in mind. Renewing the insurance after making several claims in a year may result in higher premiums.

The number of claims you can submit annually under the Zero Depreciation cover may be limited if you choose this option for your auto insurance plan. Each insurer has a different cap on the number of claims that can be made under this coverage.

What causes a car insurance policy to receive so many claims?

Many claims may be made under automobile insurance coverage based on the insurance provider and policy. There might be certain limitations and restrictions on the number of claims which can be submitted. Still, most auto insurance policies permit policyholders to submit many claims throughout the coverage.

A deductible is a predetermined sum the policyholder must pay out of pocket before the insurance provider pays the rest of the costs in most vehicle insurance policies. Based on the policy, the deductible could be a set sum or a percentage of the entire claim amount.

Additionally, some insurance providers may cap the number of claims submitted in a given period, such as a calendar year. There is a term for this called a "claims frequency limit." You can pay more premiums or cancel your insurance when you exceed this limit.

How many automobile insurance claims are excessive?

It is based on the kind of claim and how badly the car was damaged. Yet, it is advised not to file a claim if the damages are minor, like a dent on a broken mirror or bumper. Only when the damages are significant should you file a claim with your auto insurance. Additionally, it's crucial to remember that only some claims are created equally. Your premiums may increase more frequently due to some claims than others.

How does the number of claims impact the cost of auto insurance?

Many claims can indicate to insurance providers which you are a higher-risk driver, affecting how much your insurance will cost. Website like Investment Cage has covered many topics on car insurance.

Following several claims, your auto insurance may undergo the following changes:

● No Claim Bonus: NCB or No Claim Bonus is the premium decrease you receive for not filing any claims during the prior policy period. Every subsequent year without a claim sees a rise in discount percentage. As a result, you will not receive NCB benefits when you file a claim. Only file a claim with your auto insurance when the repair cost exceeds the NCB discount.

● Rate increase: The insurer may raise the rate whenever you renew the policy and make numerous claims against your auto insurance. Multiple claims indicate a larger risk to the insurance company, and the insurer may raise the policy's premium to reflect this.

● Zero Depreciation Limit: If you've chosen a Zero Depreciation option for your auto insurance policy, the insurer won't consider that when deciding how much to pay out in claims. But, there might be a cap on how many claims you can submit for this coverage in a calendar year.

● Deductibles: If the cost of repairs is equal to or somewhat greater than the deductible specified in your policy document, it is preferable not to file a claim. Even when you submit a claim, the deductible element will prevent you from getting enough money.


The number of claims permitted under your auto insurance depends on the details of your policy and the insurer. Before making a claim, it's crucial to thoroughly read your policy and comprehend the exclusions and limitations. It's also better to consider the costs and advantages of claiming to see if it would be beneficial in the long run.


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