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How I Started Earning More than $5,000 Per Month from My Kitchen Table (Side Hustle)

by Abena 2 months ago in business

Is it possible to build multiple side hustles from home?

How I Started Earning More than $5,000 Per Month from My Kitchen Table (Side Hustle)
Photo by Mikey Harris on Unsplash

Side hustles are the way forward right now especially if you work one nine to five job or one main hustle. For example, my main hustle is writing for my online content writing company, Pink Intrigue. I collect a healthy wage from that however, when you so comfortable with your one income stream, you leave yourself fully exposed. What happens when that comfy income gets pulled from under you?

It’s a scary thought! I started making $3,000 per month recently selling items online. However, I recently supersized my earnings by adding another simple income stream called drop servicing.

I am sure you have all heard of dropshipping right? Well, it is pretty simple, you identify a product that you think might sell, you list that item on your website or eBay for slightly more than the item is selling for on another platform. When you sell the item, you pocket the difference and pay the vendor. Meaning that you never have to carry inventory or pay for items up front. You only pay when the buyer pays.

I actually started dropshipping years ago before I even knew what dropshipping meant. I would purchase webcams from a local electrical store and sell them on Amazon for just under twice the price. I managed to get away with this because at that time, the webcams on Amazon were pretty crappy and the cams I was selling were top of the range. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I made a killing and moved on to dropshipping other products.

These days the only drop shipping I engage in is print on demand. Which is much easier than searching for a product and paying the vendor. With print on demand, all I do is create the design and upload it. The next step is promoting the products and bam! You get paid every time someone buys something from your store.

At the moment, aside from my content writing business, I do drop servicing. With this, you sell other peoples services at a higher price.

For example, I search for people looking for graphic designers on Upwork, Gumtree or People Per Hour. I then head over to Fiverr and search for a graphic designer to take on the job. I connect with clients, take on the work and the Fiverr freelancer completes the work. I submit to the Upwork client, get paid and then pay the freelancer. Simple!

I have definitely faced some obstacles with this method because sometimes the client will hate the work. I then have to ask the freelancer to make changes, there ends up being a whole lot of back and forth, which can be annoying. However, 90 per cent of the time it’s fine and we all get what we want. The client gets their work done, the freelancer gets paid, and I get paid. Hoorah!

There are lots of ways of making money online, in fact, the possibilities are endless. At the moment, I have three income streams and I am trying to build up to six or seven income streams. One of the best things I did when I started learning how to build side hustles was get a mentor or a coach.

I signed up for a free workshop to find out how to make money from the kitchen table and it was really useful. Lot’s of valuable and helpful information, I signed up with this free workshop and it helped me immensely.

The takeaway

Working from home building side hustles can be quite daunting especially with all these terminologies such as dropshipping, print on demand, drop servicing and affiliate marketing. However, once you get to grips with one, and you start making a consistent income from it, you can move on to build another income stream.

You can never have too much income, especially with the current climate as it stands. It is better to be prepared than shocked, therefore, prepare yourself for future disaster, don’t wait for disaster to strike before you start working on your financial goals.



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