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How I Make $25,000 Per Month With 8 Simple Businesses

by Andeut 2 months ago in business
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With the majority of small businesses failing within the first year of operation, you need to keep your finger on the pulse to stay relevant, so what types of enterprises are profitable in 2022 and beyond?

1. Telemedicine

19 has changed a lot about our lives, and to be successful in a post-coronavirus world, we need to be ready to adapt to the ever-changing environment. One of the biggest changes we have seen in the last year is how we receive medical help. With hospitals preoccupied with covet patients and most medical facilities being hot spots for the virus, getting help for an unrelated illness can be difficult, if not dangerous.

Telehealth has seen a rapid rise in recent years; in fact, the telehealth industry is expected to grow by 28 percent over the next five years, with some providers already booked out weeks in advance. With the right network of health professionals and a robust platform, you can create a profitable business model with an endless stream of customers.

2. Internet of Things

IoT stands for internet of things, and it’s a rather broad term that encompasses any small piece of technology that communicates with one another, such as wi-fi. NFC cards, smart globes, and smart sensors Despite a global downturn in all sectors, it is a fast-growing industry with 24 growth in 2020 alone. Getting into this industry may not make sense for someone who isn’t at least a computer scientist, electrical engineer, or tech guru, but all that know-how can be outsourced. The next big idea comes from someone who notices a real-world problem and solves it with technology. Maybe you’ve always wanted a sensor in your fridge that detects when you’re out of a specific item and automatically adds it to your next online shopping order. These are the kinds of ideas that don’t come from gadget nerds but from regular people who see a need that can be met. Success in the field of IoT will almost certainly ensure profits in 2022.

3. Vertical agriculture

With rapid urbanization and an increasing amount of previously prime agricultural land that can no longer sustain crops, a major issue confronting our world is whether we will have enough space on our planet to grow crops to feed our growing population. The sobering reality is that we will face a serious food supply and logistics crisis within the next 50 years. Vertical farming, a highly organized vertically stacked layer of often soil-less plants that take advantage of a controlled environment and optimum nutrients, is one solution that has literally sprung up.

This carefully controlled hydroponic ecosystem uses significantly less water than traditional farming and can be produced in areas where crops are normally inhospitable. Vertical farming can be installed in skyscrapers, warehouses, or greenhouses, solving both a space problem and shortening the logistics path of fresh produce to urban areas.

4. Plastic substitutes

It’s no secret that plastic is causing serious environmental damage, but to date, plastic alternatives are either too expensive or just as polluting to produce. Think of it this way: the only reason paper straws never took off was because, after a few minutes, the bottom half had dissolved and closed up. Creating a plastic alternative food wrap or cover is a perfect business idea that is sure to be successful.

If you can patent or distribute a plastic alternative that is simple, inexpensive, and as simple for consumers to use as plastic, you will be in business.

5. It Assistance

As everything becomes more digital, we are quickly discovering who is tech-savvy and who isn’t. For some people, technology is just something they can’t wrap their heads around, so they need someone to help them with whatever tech questions or problems they have. This is an industry that has been growing for the past 10 years and won’t stop anytime soon. In North America alone, the industry is projected to be worth over 261 billion dollars by the end of 2101.

Creating an online business where people can easily contact you and get a quick response is the ideal business idea for someone who understands technology. You can start small and as you gain more clients, you can bring on other tech-savvy staff with more specialized skills. You don’t even need to be an online business; you could create a mobile IT support company that travels to people’s homes to solve their I t problems.

6. Online Personal Trainer

Working in a gym is no longer a secure and stable job, at least not until we are fully vaccinated or Covet 19 magically vanishes. For those who have obtained a personal training certification, this can be a frightening prospect but don’t despair because there are plenty of options available, such as online personal training during the lockdown. Some people realize they don’t need to pay for the gym if they have all of the equipment they need at home. What they do need is someone to tell them which workouts to do, which meal plans to follow, and to motivate them to do better. This is where you can turn your expertise into a profitable business. If you have a PT certificate, you could set up an online business where you offer classes, advice, one-on-ones, and personalized programs.

7. Auto repairs on the go

Cars break down at the most inconvenient times, and getting a tow to a mechanic is an expense that some people simply cannot afford, especially if they are about to incur a large mechanics bill on top of it.

Starting your own mobile auto repair company is a great solution to this problem. Of course, the repairs you offer must be simple enough that you do not require a full mechanics workshop, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t know how to change their oil or fix a headlight.

A mobile auto repair company is also ideal for older people who require assistance with awkward or heavy tasks such as changing a tire. As the owner of a mobile auto repair company, you don’t have to pay rent on a workshop and you can offer a variety of services that can be performed on their premises.

8. Food trucks

Food trucks have been popping up all over cities in recent years, offering a quick, delicious, and fresh meal. If you want to open your own restaurant or cafe but don’t have the capital to do so, consider opening a food truck. Food trucks are frequently invited to festivals, markets, and other large events, so there’s always the novelty of a new office backdrop every week.

Rents in the United States are at an all-time high, making restaurant ownership extremely risky and stressful. With a food truck, that problem is immediately eliminated. If you don’t have the capital to buy or fit out a food truck, there is a rental market that will provide you with a ready-to-cook vehicle for a monthly fee. Owning a food truck is a great way to get your foot in the hospitality door and build a relationship with the people in your community. Good food trucks spread quickly, so impress your customers with good food and even better service.


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