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How I Made Over $3,000 Writing On Vocal Media?

by Aamir Kamal 2 months ago in advice

I might be the first one to make that much on Vocal, just through getting reads.

I made over $3000 writing on Vocal Media, How did I did this? Picture by Aamir Kamal

This is what the Internet told me when I want to understand the potential Vocal Media has. ‘You can’t make money through Vocal Media,’ ‘Nobody made any real money from a site with dot Media as an extension,’ and so on. But, I like two things about Vocal Media; first, it was paying me $6 per 1,000 reads, and second, it was a good platform with a very similar audience as I have on Medium.

I run a Facebook group for Vocal Media Creators where I have conducted this poll; Over 100 people participate in the poll, and 82% of Vocal writers make less than $10 a month. It may be of many reasons, but the one reason is; Vocal only pays you when you bring people to their platform; they don’t have a built-in audience. If you have a big social media following or understand search engine optimization, it is good to write on Vocal.

I am not an exceptional writer, but I have some skills like understanding SEO and giving more time to write great articles.

Publishing an article on Vocal

When you joined a platform, successful case studies help you a lot. On Vocal, there are very few successful studies. Some challenge winners made over $2,000 but made money through getting reads; there is only one writer who made over $12000 on Vocal.

Publishing an article on Vocal, your articles can earn money till they exist on the Vocal system. This is what makes it a different platform. For me, it takes less than 30 minutes to write a 600-words story.

On the Internet, your work is always going to be there. On most platforms, you publish a piece of content; that piece of content helps you make money for a very long period of time. For better SEO and engagement, you can link back to your published article on any writing platform, and it helps you make more money. The same is true for writers writing on Vocal Media.

How do I make money on Vocal?

Showing my Vocal Media Stats

The good money on Vocal is in Vocal Challenges. Most of the Vocal challenges require you to be a Vocal+ member. Vocal+ is where Vocal makes money. Vocal+ subscription costs $9.99/month, for which you get special benefits. You can read this Vocal Plus-related article: Is Vocal+ subscription worth it?

I never submitted a story to Challenges because that wasn’t my priority. If you are making $800 a month from Vocal through getting reads, it is more rewarding and consistent. You can rely on it. Being a Vocal Challenge is a one-time reward, and you can’t rely on it, but they pay a high amount to the winners.

Vocal is more like Medium but with a very different business model and interference. They pay through reads — the reads geographical, economic, and the referral platform source doesn’t matter. You get a read and paid for it.

5. Things to help you make more money on Vocal

Here are some of the things that I learn while making more than $800 a month writing on Vocal.

  1. Content is a cornerstone: For any platform, content is the key. If you are producing more, you have more chances of getting seen. For Vocal, you have to create more content, but more content will not help you if you are missing search engine optimization in your stories.
  2. Long-form content: Vocal pays you to bring more people to their platform. Long-form content brings more readers to a story. I write long-form content most of the time and this helps me get ranked on top-spot on Google.
  3. Most writers make no money on Vocal but they have started many initiatives like giving bonuses to writers upon achieving specific milestones like getting 1,000 reads or publishing 10 stories on Vocal. But, to make more money on Vocal; you can do that by getting selected as a winner in a challenge and making money through reads.
  4. Sharing your work on social media platforms. If you are writing about a specific niche on Vocal, create a Facebook group or build a community on other platforms to build a community.

Write on other platforms. Don’t restrict yourself to one platform. There are some amazing, underrated writing platforms like Quora and Medium where you can write and make money. Medium gives a fixed $500, $100, and $50 bonuses to top Medium partner program writers. Here is why Medium bonuses motivate me to write more?

Can you republish your Medium stories on Vocal?

I have been asked this question multiple times through Facebook comments or responses on my Medium stories; let me answer this question. Vocal Media doesn’t have built-in traffic like Medium, Quora, or Newsbreak. They pay you for getting more readers onto Vocal. When you publish a story on Medium or your blog and also publish them on Vocal, search engines don’t scroll or index your story. Search engines index your story where it first time published. So, importing to Vocal wouldn’t work for you in that case.

I hope this helps.

This article is originally published by me on Medium here.


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