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How I created an online business that generates $5000 a month during lockdown?

by shakya 2 years ago in business
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How I created an online business

This COVID-19 pandemic situation has given a blow that people will never forget. Million have lost their lives and millions are still struggling. Apart from this, the biggest blow it has given is to the business owners. Many businesses got completely closed and many are limiting their operations. This is resulting in widespread unemployment. The most impact of this pandemic situation was on small business owners. Usually these business do not any financial planning and when time comes like, they suffer the most. Due to this people have learnt one thing that relying on a single source of income is never enough. There should be a redundancy and a contingency plan ready to counter issues like this. In order to lift yourself from this menacing charade, you need to have some stacked up wealth or some business insurance to help you recover. Even if you have not done anything like this, don’t lose hope. The best option for you then is to do an online business.

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Online business is the best option, as you don’t need to have a brick and mortar model for selling your product. There are multiple ways through which you can earn online. You can launch your product and leverage SEO, SMM and SEM for earning profits. But if you don’t have any own product you do not need to worry. The best option is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is basically helping a business owner sell their product /services and in return, you can earn a commission. Almost all companies run an affiliate program and provide a handsome commission rate.

The program that I follow and that has helped me in earning $5000 on a monthly basis is Amazon affiliate.

Here Amazon is providing a fixed commission rate on various product and for every qualified sale, you can get that commission.

I chose fitness products to promote and earn a commission. There were two reasons for this.

1. High commission rate

2. Increase in demand

The commission rate is 8% and the product cost in general is around $1500, so if I managed to get one sale then the commission will be $120. By this logic, I would be needing 40 qualified sales.

As people are forced to reside in their homes and gyms are not functional so the demand for gym equipments is on all-time high.

The investment required for this is very less. You need a website domain, server and some money for ads (Facebook ads or Google ads).

After launching the website I put in some content pieces of how to keep yourself fit at home during the lockdown. In this article, I put some images with an amazon affiliate link.

For attracting visitors, I run some ads to attract people and after they read my article they buy the product for which I got 8% commission.

The best part is even if the person doesn’t conclude the sale at that particular moment when he visited my site by clicking on the ad, there is no problem as Amazon gives cookies option.

All the transactions done from Amazon with 24 hours time period they will be counted on my account. The next best part is that Amazon provides commission on cart value, so if a person comes from your Amazon affiliate site (which is related to gym equipment) and buys other products also, I will be getting a commission on that also.

It is that easy and you need not have a physical shop or your own product to earn money. The more your money you put in your ads the more you will earn money. You will find that $5000 is nothing when you start gaining traction on your website.

I hope this article helps!!!!


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