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How Do Sandwich Boards Help You with Higher Visibility Rates?

Are you looking for real estate sandwich boards? This story is for you.

By shirin habibzadehPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Real Estate Sandwich Boards

Sandwich boards are among the most popular ways of advertisement.. Many businesses, at some point, use these signs to attract more prospects. In the real estate business, professional real estate sandwich boards play a crucial role especially. You may wonder why. Well, there is a lot you can get across to your clients by using these signs. When you place them on the lawns and sidewalks of different properties, many people notice these sandwich boards. Your contact information is printed on them, which makes people get to know you.

First, you need to find a place that provides you with top-quality sandwich boards. There are multiple places you can get these signs, even online these days. For example, Agent Print is dedicated to making real estate signage. You may find what you are looking for on the online real estate printing services’ websites. Then, we can see why these signs are so popular and trendy as time goes by. Therefore, you will know what to look for and expect when choosing a real estate printing supplier for your sandwich boards.

Sandwich Boards Are Cost-Effective

Sandwich boards are inexpensive compared to other tools of advertisement. The first thing that convinces many real estate companies to use sandwich boards is this very reason. You can promote your business to the people who pass by your sign. Therefore, it is advisable to place them where there is a lot of foot traffic. Plus, in most places, you can get discounts. You would only need to buy more quantities of sandwich boards. Using these signs, you would entice more people to your business in some time.

These Signs Are Durable

Sandwich boards are highly durable. Most signs are immune to moisture, dirt, and sun exposure. Although, the level of resistance to these unwanted environmental effects on sandwich boards varies. A lot of the time, this depends on their material. We can make sure our sign is immune to most climates with the best quality offers. As an instance, we can check the initial printing website we mentioned. On Agent Print, there is a wide range of materials to order. PVC and Crezon boards are among the most durable materials for sandwich boards. Therefore, with high-quality signs, we can rely on them to persist for a longer time. This durability means that your advertising boards will be there for a longer time to attract more prospective buyers.

They Are Portable

These signs are lightweight most of the time. So, anyone can move them around and place them where they wish. This feature makes modern-day sandwich boards a must-have. Even some people wear these signs to boost the advertising effects. Transportation of these signs would not have been made possible if it were not for the lightweight materials. Because of their portability, it is a reasonable choice to use sandwich boards for different places. You can easily transport and set these signs up for multiple listings. It is convenient to do so. Therefore, more people will get to see your sandwich boards in different locations and events. No wonder these signs are popular in the real estate world!

There is even the chance to target your audience this way. There may be an art gallery, business center, or place that has people inside who may be attracted to your listings. Why not invite them to your event once they get out of these buildings? It could be after their work time or lunch break. Ultimately, these people would see your sign somewhere on the sidewalk. This sandwich board will boost the visibility rates of your business in general. You may use eye-catching colors and designs to captivate people’s attention more than ever.

They Are Versatile

The next thing on our list is the versatility of sandwich boards. There are a lot of things you can include on these real estate signs. Is there an open house you wish to promote? Is there a place you have identified with plenty of prospective clients? Do you aim for your real estate business to be known better by the people in the neighborhood? Do you have a new listing for sale? As you can see, there are various occasions that call for sandwich boards to promote your business. This versatility is in the nature of these signs.

They Are Reusable

You could easily consider a reface for your signs. a reface would include the newer messages you wish to convey to your audience. Maybe you have changed your contact information or logo. It is also possible that in time your design has slightly faded away. If so, perhaps it is about time for a reface for your signs.

Also, you may choose a coating that is rewritable. Both Dry Erase Film Lamination and UV Liquid Lamination give us this advantage. So, you may want to consider these while ordering your sandwich boards.

Ideal for Local Advertisement

Online advertisement is valuable to today’s businesses. There is no doubt about that. But with physical sandwich boards, you will target people in the area you want. You can place these signs wherever you wish. As an example, you can attract the people nearby. You would only need to put these signs on the corners, sidewalks, or outside your office, to name a few. Therefore, these people can find you and keep in touch with you more easily.

Moreover, there is more chance for people to look for a property in the area they are usually at or go to. Also, there is a further chance for them to be homeowners in the area they cross often. So, by putting these signs in these places, you will target specific people. They may end up being your future clients in the end.

With online advertisements, you may find people who love what you do. But they may live across the country. This effect may be the last thing you want in the world of real estate. Honestly, what is more important than location in the real estate world? You want to reach out to those who have the chance to be in contact with you. The targeted people need to be interested in the area in which you are active. Sandwich board signs will allow you to reach this goal.

Benefits of using sandwich boards in the real estate business:

  • Sandwich Boards Are Cost-Effective
  • These Signs Are Durable
  • They Are Portable
  • They Are Versatile
  • They Are Reusable
  • Ideal for Local Advertisement


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