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How do I overcome the perils of the Covid-19 slowdown in business and marketing?

by Rakesh Sharma 2 years ago in business

Covid-19 slowdown in business and marketing?

Friends as you all know that business all over the world has come to stand still. The manufacturing has stopped across the world and money is totally out of circulation. Other than the food related items only pharma and manufacturing of medical equipment’s, industry is working. The industry like travel and tourism and automobile all has come a halt.

At this time, you need to keep your thinking process under control and keep your busy in preparation. So, I will quickly suggest you the certain ways of overcoming problems caused by covid-19 in the area of Business and marketing.

This is the time for preparation, this is the time for doing all those activities which you have been procrastinating due to being busy in day to hustle and bustle. You have been procrastinating lots of important activities because you did not have time. Let me suggest you some ten important ways how you can prepare for good times so that whenever lockdown opens you are ready to go.

1. During these days ensure to keep in touch with your customers and prospects. Make sure that you are writing to them regularly and wanting to get in touch with them time to time. Lots of customers are not picking up the phone but don’t worry if you keep trying, they will respond back. You can send your brochures to them and occasionally call them.

2. You can contact some customers where your payment is pending. Sending them a polite reminder will not be totally out of place. As they don’t have money, your business is also suffering so don’t bother much and just send in WhatsApp message.

3. You can remotely connect with your sales and set up targets for next year with them. So, make sure that don’t miss this opportunity to brainstorm the best ways to bring new business. When you deliberate on certain issues peacefully the best ideas will emerge.

4. This is the best time to write down your business processes and document your SOPs and work instructions. You can also remotely train your employees. This can be best way to find out the best practices from the business and you can incorporate them in your business processes.

5. Make sure that you create new training modules for your manufacturing and salespeople during the lockdown days. This time can be effectively used for this purpose. You can also review the training module in case you already have.

6. If your are in account this is the best time to initiate the reconciliation of your customers accounts. This is the best time to reconcile your bank account and do the outstanding ageing analysis.

7. From marketing point of view this is the best time to start your social media marketing activities. Create a page on linked in and face book if do not have one. So, what will you do be active on face book and linked in.? Amazingly simple just take help from some professional. This help is available these days online and you will be ready to go.

8. You can do email marketing. Prepare your customer database and create some good mail with eye catching and thought-provoking title line. Start reaching to your customers and prospects now. The opening rate shall be low but that is true for all times. In fact, these days opening rate may be slightly higher. However there are no research has been done yet to prove or disprove this.

9. You can also do lots of WhatsApp messaging and start your WhatsApp marketing campaign. This is the best time to initiate such a good and result yielding campaign.

10. If you are in IT department you can start your SEO of your website. You can also start educating your team on some new technology. You can also start working on your website and can give a completely a fresh look.

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Author, Rakesh Sharma is one of the best business coach in India. He is a business growth consultant . He is a sales coach in India. he has coached hundreds of clients. As Sales Trainer in India he has trained coached and trained thousands of trainees across country. He a one among the best business coach and sales consultant in NCR.


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