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How Do Bloggers Make Money?

by Abena 2 months ago in business
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You can make money as a blogger but, how?

How Do Bloggers Make Money?
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Every blogger wants to know how to make money blogging. So we're going to show you tips on building your blog income, methods that are tried and true, rather than pie-in-the-sky ideas about how you're going to become the next Oprah with a brand new blog.

The truth is, there are many ways that people earn money through their blogs--so many bloggers have found success in different ways. There's no one best way for everyone, so it's worth testing out various options to see what works for YOU.

So today, we're going to be talking about some of the popular ways to make money blogging. Some of these methods will work great for you if you already have an established audience or readership, while others may require more time before they start making money. But all of them are easy enough to try out that you can start earning money right away!

1- AdSense

This method is probably the most common method of monetizing a blog. It involves placing ads on your site that generate revenue when someone clicks on those ads. That means that you'll get paid every time someone views an ad on your page. You won't get any money until Google approves your account and gives you access to this program. However, once you have received approval, you can choose which ads you want to display. You can also create custom ad campaigns where you only advertise certain products or services.

2- Affiliate Marketing

This method involves promoting other companies' products by linking to them or mentioning them in your content. You get paid when someone buys something after clicking on a link you posted.

For example, let's say you wrote a post about how fantastic a particular product was. Then you linked to, where you could buy that product at a discount. When someone clicked on that link and bought the product, you'd get a commission.

This option is an excellent one if you enjoy writing but don't necessarily want to write full-time. You can find lots of affiliate programs to join and then promote whatever you like.

If you don't have much experience with affiliate marketing, you should consider using an affiliate network like ShareASale or CJ Affiliates. These networks will help you find products to promote, connect you with advertisers, and provide support.

3- Sponsored Posts

Companies pay bloggers to write reviews and post sponsored articles on topics related to their business. If you go looking for sponsored posts, you'll notice that they tend to look very similar to regular posts. They usually feature a headline, image, and body copy. Sometimes they include links back to the advertiser's website.

You might think that sponsored posts are only good for big-name brands, but anyone can use this technique to get exposure. All you need is a popular blog and a few sponsors willing to pay to have their products featured.

4- Membership Sites

If you create a membership site, you can charge people to join. They then receive access to exclusive content, which means you'll need to give them special deals if you want to make any real money. The best part is that you're not doing any of the selling yourself. You're simply setting up a community of people who love what you have to offer.

Many people have started successful membership sites. One of them is Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, who has created different online courses and sold millions of dollars worth of value. She even made her entire career change through her membership site.

5- Selling Digital Products

Create digital products like eBooks, courses, and videos that teach others how to do things. Then sell them directly to your audience. You'll be able to reach more customers when you work with a platform like Clickbank.

Earning income via selling digital products requires a lot of effort. You'll need to spend countless hours creating high-quality content. Once you've done all that hard work, you'll still need to market your course so that people can find it. You can use many platforms to accomplish this, such as Facebook groups, forums, and email lists.

6- Freelance Writing

Freelancing allows you to choose which clients you want to work with and the type of service you want to offer them. It also gives you total control over your schedule. Many freelancers start out working one day per week before expanding into multiple days.

To earn money as a freelance writer, you'll first need to build your portfolio. Start by submitting articles to publications like Medium, LinkedIn Pulse, and Squidoo. Look for opportunities where you feel most comfortable sharing your knowledge. Also, the fact that you're a blogger means you've grown your blog following. And if your blog is successful, how much more valuable will you be to your clients.

The problem with freelance writing is, your first few clients will probably not want to pay you what's considered a "decent" amount for your efforts. You might be stuck making less than minimum wage until you prove yourself. But don't worry! As long as you continue growing your skillset, you'll eventually get paid what you deserve.

7- Services

Sometimes called "consulting," this is when you provide expertise in an area to help someone else succeed. For example, if you're great at social media marketing, you could consult businesses about improving their presence online. Or, if you're knowledgeable about SEO, you could advise companies on how to increase traffic to their websites.

To become profitable, consulting should always be secondary to your primary source of income. This way, you won't ever put your livelihood at risk. The truth is, this approach should be your general mindset when it comes to any of the methods outlined in this article. There is no guarantee you'll make enough to justify your efforts. And when any of these methods is your primary source of income -- especially when you're starting -- chances are high you might become dissatisfied, give up too soon, or end up losing everything.

To conclude, there are various income streams at your disposal as a blogger. You can place ads on your site with Google Adsense, Mediavine or Ezoic. You can also advertise your services on your blog, make money with sponsored posts and can sell your own products to your audience. The possibilities are endless. I make most of my money with Google Adsense and sponsored posts. You can choose this option or create your own digital products to build a sustainable passive income.

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