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Google Search Console: Why Should SEO Agencies Be Using It?

Importance of Google Search Console

By Adaan GCC Digital SolutionsPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Search Engine Optimization

Google Search Console is a powerful tool that is used to elevate a site’s digital presence and organic traffic. Users can troubleshoot their page performance and analyze their performance to identify potential problems, track rankings, submit sitemaps and perform other actions to make their site SEO-friendly for search engines.

If you are part of an SEO company in Bahrain that opts for alternative software, here’s why you should be using Google Search Console.

View 100% of Keywords

While popular SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush only show about 30-40% of the keywords for any website, unlike Google, which displays all keywords. Without being able to see the complete picture of keyword rankings, SEO agencies can’t show the client all their efforts to help web pages rank for multiple keywords. Google tracks every keyword your client’s website ranks for, so not using Google’s Search Console might be a reason why your client may opt for an agency that does.

Daily Updates

Many search engine optimisation services in Bahrain use SEO software that relies on SERP scraping and that works fine for high search volume queries but keyword rankings information is updated less frequently for more niche keywords. This can pose a major hindrance in your reporting if you work with clients in niche industries targeting low search volume keywords. Google Search Console’s daily ranking updates can give you faster results on performance metrics which is important for smaller campaign windows.

Impressions Data

Impressions data is the number of times users see your web page in the SERPs (regardless of whether they click it or not), and it is one of the most important KPIs for campaign reporting. It is an indication of online visibility, and more impressions suggest that more people are seeing your client's page on SERPs. Despite its importance, many rank tracking software doesn’t include impressions. As part of SEO packages in Bahrain, many agencies offer content creation, but the lack of impressions makes it harder to track whether the content is driving more search engine visibility.

Real Click Vs Estimated Traffic

Other ranking platforms that estimate your organic traffic do so by calculating search volume, rank position, and average CTR. Google Search Console, however, tells you the precise number of clicks that were generated from organic efforts. Estimates can either exaggerate or underestimate the actual amount of clicks. Linking your Google Search Console account with Google Analytics can give you better insights into the actions search users take on your site as well.

Query-Specific Metric

If your client wants to rank for very specific keywords, Google Search Console can show improvements for those exact terms they want to target. Keyword-level metrics can make a huge difference in campaign reporting, unlike only having page-level metrics. A more detailed report based on the performance grouped into different categories also provides more precise data to present to your client.

You may now have realized that Google Search Console is one of the best platforms for showing the impact of your SEO efforts. There are other software tools available that can help your SEO campaign efforts, but this platform has all the tools you need to provide better SEO services in Bahrain. Since Google sets the standard, other software has to catch up to play by Google’s rules, and you can completely rely on the data since it’s straight from Google itself.

Google Search Console is comprehensive, reliable, accurate, and most importantly, completely free to use- anywhere, anytime. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using it, and the granularity of the reports keeps your clients happy as well. If you are looking for an SEO agency in Bahrain to make your site SEO-friendly according to Google’s latest standards, get in touch with us at Adaan GCC Digital Solutions.


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