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Going Mobile - Writing Vocal Stories While Away From Your Desk

Devices Such As Mobile Phones, Tablets (iPads and Kindles, and More), and Laptops Using Google Docs

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
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Starting on Vocal

I was lured into Vocal by the promise of the huge money from challenges that I soon realized I would be unlikely to win, but adapted a few of my blog posts to create my initial presence on Vocal. These were fine enough but I wanted to write specifically for Vocal.

Digital devices My Google Pixel and Amazon Kindle (And An iPad)

When I started writing I had a Google Pixel XL first model, and though I started using Microsoft Word for initial drafts, I found it very slow and cumbersome, and the Vocal editor is still slow for inline editing.

To record my steps while walking I had been using Google Sheets and this had the benefits of being accessible from any device and quite fast and responsive, so I thought about trying Google Docs.

It gave me everything I needed to create a draft document and is ubiquitously available on all devices apart from my Kindle, well they are visible on the Kindle but not editable.

I am currently writing this on my Google Pixel 3XL using Google Docs on a train stuck at Hartlepool on the way to Whitby. I am moving again, but I find it odd that it is easier to type using my right thumb on this device than using the Amazon Kindle docs app.

The other problem with the Kindle is that even if you create a document it is very difficult to get it where you need it to be. That has become a show stopper for me, although I also, oddly, find the onscreen keyboard more awkward than the one in my phone. I found the same when I had the iPad, though I know that people use them to type things.

I generally find tablets easier to point and click than to type.

Laptops and Desktops and Mice

When I go for short breaks, like on this one, I only write using Google Docs on my mobile, but for longer holidays I do take along a laptop as I am most comfortable using an actual keyboard, and this is almost as good as using my home desktop (although it sits in a tower standing on the floor). It doesn't have a touchscreen, but maybe I am old-fashioned and Happy just using the mouse to point and click when I need to.

In Conclusion Going Mobile For Writing - I Choose My Google Pixel Coupled With Google Docs

For me, and it may be very different for you, my Google Pixel 3XL is more than adequate. I can type with my thumb and even dictate while using Google Docs (though this requires substantial editing on the desktop when I finally get home.

The phone allows you to jot down ideas easily (at the moment, as I finish this I have five zero draft pieces awaiting development) ready to become Vocal Stories. The ideas are there and I can start them on the desktop then add them using my phone and finally finish using the desktop.

The mobile phone, tablets, laptops, and desktops are all tools that enable us to publish our Vocal Stories. I have published stories using only my mobile phone but it does have a lot of issues when I try to do that.

Because I am Android and I have no idea if Apple products such as iPhones and iPads have the same issues, I do not care because I have my setup and it works for me.

You need to do the same.

Going mobile can improve your productivity, you just need to practice and hone your methodology to beagle to create what you want.


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