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Gianmatteo Costanza Shares Steps to Improving Small Business Work Culture

Business entrepreneur shares the steps leaders must take to improve the workplace culture of their small business.

By Gianmatteo CostanzaPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Since you’re a small business owner, you likely can’t afford to compete with the bigger companies regarding salary. To compensate, you’ll have to offer a variety of perks and benefits as well as a healthy company culture.

A strong culture environment is essential in today’s competitive hiring climate, but defining exactly what it means can be challenging. In this article are steps to improve your small business culture.

Active Listening

You should be there for your employees when they need help, whether with a personal issue or if they have suggestions for improving the company. Listening to and considering their concerns can help keep your employees loyal to you and make them believe that they are contributing to the organization.

DEI Policy

DEI policies are designed to ensure that your workforce comprises of diverse people. While some may think this doesn’t apply to small businesses, you’re wrong. Job seekers demand that companies have such policies in place, which is becoming more prevalent.

DEI policies allow people of color to work in positions they may not have been able to before. They also provide work opportunities to individuals with disabilities. These individuals, who are often eager to work hard, are more likely to feel valued by your company. By having a diverse workforce, you’re showing the world that you care about them.

Practicing Empathy

A boss who is short-tempered, inflexible, and cold will not be able to attract and retain a good employee. While you don’t have to be close friends with everyone in your company, showing empathy towards your staff members when they need to deal with a personal matter is essential.

Ensure not to yell at an employee who makes a mistake, as nobody likes to be yelled at. Also, try to provide solutions to help avoid such occurrences in the future. Having a friendly and approachable atmosphere can make your office more pleasant.

Be Appreciative

Providing your employees various perks and benefits helps keep them engaged and motivated. One of the most critical factors you can consider when rewarding them is performance-based incentives. This can be done through a small check or a free dinner. It’s important to remember that it’s not all about what you give them but that you took the time to show they are appreciated.


Gianmatteo Costanza is a Senior Technical Program Manager for Meta in San Francisco, California. In addition to being a well-established developer and team leader, he is also a successful entrepreneur.

Gianmatteo’s first venture was in high school in Zurich, Switzerland. He and some friends co-founded a web design firm called 4nexus the webarchitects. They primarily designed websites initially, but their talents soon let the company evolve into web-based solutions for small- and medium-sized business clients, a hosting company, and software solutions for financial applications. This experience allowed Gianmatteo to explore his multiple talents as a project manager, accountant, designer, and developer.

Gianmatteo has always been interested in the communications industry, mainly digital media. After choosing a job as a journalist for a local newspaper, he decided to study Communications at USI Università della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano, Switzerland. Gianmatteo became heavily involved with student organizations and the school paper while enrolled. As he became more interested in the technical aspect of media, Gianmatteo Costanza opted to switch majors to study computer science. He was drawn to ETH Zürich because it is highly regarded as one of the leading technical universities in Europe and ranked among the top universities in the world. During his years at the university, Gianmatteo was actively involved in the student’s association and found himself skilled at organizing and preparing events, such as the yearly CS Career Fair. Overall, Gianmatteo fondly regards his academic years as demanding and rewarding, giving him a strong foundation in science, engineering, and critical thinking.


About the Creator

Gianmatteo Costanza

Gianmatteo Costanza has been at the heart of the visualization revolution since its beginning. He moved to Silicon Valley and became one of the change-makers after arriving on the UX/UI scene. He values both front- and back-end development.

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