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Get Paid To Transcribe Top 7 Transcription Online Jobs To Earn

by ubaid ullah 2 years ago in product review
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Earn Money Online To Transcribe Audio/Video

Get Paid To Transcribe Top 7 Transcription Online Jobs To Earn
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Today, earning online is easy but needs a little consistency, and even you can get paid to transcribe or translate.

As a transcriptionist, your job will be to listen to audio/video voice recording and convert it to text by typing. Meaning that only two major skills are required to do the job of transcription and that is incredible listening and fast typing speed.

There are thousands of online legit transcription companies that always looking for the transcriptionist. Today the demand for the transcriptionist is at a peak because the number of podcast, interviews, seminars, and speeches are increasing and the documentation companies hire a transcriptionist to convert that's audio recording to text.

Why Companies Need Transcription Service: Modern companies need transcription services because, they record every single minute of meetings, interviews, conferences to not miss something important. This approach is so effective because it captures everything in meetings or interviews. But those who are interested in the result of the meeting must have a text copy of the meeting.

You might have seen the subtitle on the Netflix movies, these subtitles are created by transcriptionists.

There are a lot of online transcription companies that always hire beginner transcriptionists, some of them are the following.

Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription is the best legit transcription company for more than 12 years. Company is always looking for beginner and experienced transcriptionists, translators freelancers.

You can find work as a freelancer in legal transcription, academic and market research transcription, close captioning, subtitling transcription, etc.

Company hire translator in more than 30 languages including German, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, English, Portuguese, etc.

How Much Daily Transcription Pay

Daily Transcription pay up to $0.7/minute audio transcribe. Also earning from this company depends on the experience and quality of your work.

Accutran Global

Accutran Global is a Canadian Transcription Company founded in 2002 and for the last 19 years, they build a strong reputation in the world by providing the best quality result to their worldwide clients.

This company different from other sites because it pays based on the number of words you transcribe. This company hires transcriptions, editors, freelancers around the world. You can get work in, financial, legal, conference calls, press conference, meeting interviews transcription.

Accutran Global is always looking for new transcriptionist freelancers who can work between 4 PM EST and 8 PM EST Monday to Friday. In order to get a job in Accutran Global, your typing speed must be at least 60 words per minute without any errors.

This company conducts the test by providing the audio file. You must transcribe that file accurately in order to get approved.

How Much Accutran Global Pay

Accutran Global pay based on the number of words transcribed. To beginners company pays $0.005 per word transcribed and for experienced they pay up to $0.006 per word transcribed. It means that you can easily earn $6 on one thousand words transcribed.


Quicktate is a transcription-based company founded in 2008. This company providing quality services in transcribing voicemail messages, legal files, recording on phone calls, medical files, conference calls in multiple languages. So if you can do one of these jobs, you can easily apply as a freelancer to earn money to transcribe.

You have to take three tests before getting approved in Quicktate, the first company takes the test to ensure you understand the company requirement and guidelines.

The second test checks your typing speed in the specific language you apply. The third test requires you to transcribe audio files without making any grammatical, pronunciation, or punctuation mistakes.

How Much Quicktate Pay

Quicktate pay 0.25 cent for general transcription and 0.5 cents to legal transcription. You will be get paid via PayPal weekly.

GRM Transcription

GRM transcription founded in 2004 and built a strong reputation in the world by providing quality results to clients in the area of transcription, proofreading, translating, and editing.

GRM Transcription is always allowing beginners to get paid to transcribe, edit and translate. Company hires a translator in more than 20 languages.

Before getting approved company conducts an online test to ensure your English Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and typing speed by assigning an audio file to transcribe. You can do it part-time because it has a flexible working schedule and any time work is available.

How Much GRM Transcription Pay

GMR Transcription pays $0.75 to $1 per minute audio transcribe. The difference in pay rate depends on the experience and how much you available on site.

Casting Words

Casting Words Company is founded in 2005 and since then they transcribed millions of audio/video minutes. This company is always open for new beginners who want to start their careers in transcription.

But to get approved company take the test from newbies by transcribing short audio file without any spelling, punctuation and English Grammar Mistakes.

Casting Words Website (Screenshot)

In Casting Words the work is not always available for beginners because they have built a rating system. If your clients are happy with your job, they will give you a positive rating, and you will eventually get more work.

So focus on the quality of your work and maintain the best rating if you want to get more work.

How Much Casting Words Pay

Casting Words pay transcriptionists between 8.5 cents and 1.2 cents per audio minute transcribed. Also casting words has a bonus program for the senior and high rating transcription freelancers.

eTranscription Solutions

eTrancription solutions is a US-based transcription company founded in 1999. This company is always looking for an experienced professional transcriptionist.

If you want to get a home-based job in eTranscription solutions you must have experience in transcribing in multiple voices. This company provides services in a wide area in transcription all around the world.

eTranscription Solutions Services

The company is so strict about quality and most importantly Turnaround time, if you fail to complete the project before the deadline you wouldn’t be considered for further work.

Your typing speed must be at least 80 words a minute, and you must be highly proficient in English grammar, punctuations, and spellings.

Verbal Ink

Verbal ink allows new beginners to earn money to transcribe. Verbal ink is always open for new beginners who want to start a career in transcription.

Verbal Ink hires freelancers in the area of transcription, translation, writing, and subtitling. Company hire translator in more than 200 languages.

Before getting the job you must pass the test, to ensure your expertise in English Grammar, Punctuation, and spelling. You must be a US resident to consider for the assessment test. The test on verbal ink is complicated as compared to other similar sites.

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