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Get Paid To Chat: 6 Tricks To Earn Money Talking Online

by ubaid ullah 2 years ago in list · updated 10 months ago
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Top 6 Websites That Pay You To Talk With Strangers. How To Get Paid To Talking Online

Get Paid To Chat: 6 Tricks To Earn Money Talking Online
Photo by Axle Adamos on Unsplash

There are some legit websites that allow you to earn extra cash of more than $1000 just by chatting with a stranger. You might hear about a Work from a home-based job, where you sign up and start earning at the home by doing easy tasks. Chatting online with strangers is also a great opportunity for you while working at home.

We spend a lot of time on social media, texting or talking with friends, without earning from it even wasting time. You have to do the same thing with strangers and earn money.

There are also some adults, flirting, and dating apps from there you can also make money on chatting, but in this story, I will highlight some professional sites/companies that pay more while solving user's problems.

So if you love to talk with strangers through chatting applications, and don’t get bored with texting or talking for a long time, keep reading this article.

Why Companies Pay You To Chat With Strangers

The following 3 reasons that you get paid to chat.

1. Big multinational companies which selling services online like Amazon hire people in customer service to respond to customer queries. You get paid to answer their questions.

2. Some apps are much smarter to pay you just by talking to lonely people, they are looking for friends to talk to. They pay to the website/apps and on an hourly basis, some portion of it goes to you.

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3. If you are a professional, researcher, or expert in any specific area like digital marketing, online earning then you can make money by answering, teaching online to your fans/followers.

Here I will show you some professional, legit sites that pay you on chatting.

Rent a Friend is a website that helps you to hire local Friends from all around the world. You can rent a local friend to hang out with, go to a movie or a restaurant, or go to a party or festival with you. Rent a friend to introduce you to new talent or hobby, or to take you around an unknown place.

How Does RentAFriend Work

It is pretty convenient when using No matter where you live, all you have to do is type the place you want to search on the Friend search list. When you pick the place where you want to meet a new friend, you'll see a list of available Friends in that area right away.

You can see their pictures, read their profiles and see what they're interested in for free. If you want to contact the person, you must register to become a user of by paying a small membership fee. When you become a registered user, you can start reaching all Friends at is strictly a Friendship website, NOT a dating website. Services on are strictly for FRIENDSHIP purposes only. This is how people are using


You can choose your own pay rate, with an average of $10 to $55 per hour. The company does not take any commission, so you get all money you earn.

Accolade Support

Accolade is s firm that is hired by big multinational companies to provide the service of the call center. These companies hire people in customer service to make and receive calls. Here you have to answer the queries of the customer asked related to purchased items.

Why Companies Need Call Center

A new report shows that 49 percent of people are reluctant to make online purchases. They don’t have time to write a long email and wait for the reply if they have any queries. Having the availability of phone number increase the confidence of thousands of potential buyers. If they do a call, this company provides confidence to potential buyers to make an online purchase.


Accolades pay an average of $15 to $20per hour.


LiveChat was first launched in 2002, and now its available in 41 languages.

This company provides services to more than 31,000 big companies and brands in 150 Countries. These big companies, brands may not have someone there to always take phone calls, and this process will also be very slow. Livechat does a great job and allows you to quickly communicate with their new website visitors. This company turns new visitors into satisfied customers. Companies use LiveChat to boost their sales by 30%.

They always hire people in customer support and another field also, if you go on their official website scroll down, click on career > Click on Apply button. It will take you to this page.

LiveChat Career Option (Customer Support Job)

If you click on SEE THE OFFER button it will show you, skills, responsibility, experience in a relevant field, etc.

Usually, customer support jobs require the skill to have a strong command of English and have strong analytical and communication skills.


The Company pays $12 to $20 on an hourly basis to customer support.


This company is generally referred to as customer support and call center services. They are hiring people as a customer service representative in the customer support team to work at home.

Open on their official website, click on career, it will show the page where you have to select your country, and then it will show you the following page.

Customer Service Representative Job (US Resident)

After click on the highlighted text in the screenshot, it shows some skills required for this online home-based job.


OutPlex pays up $10 between $12 per hour to the customer service representative.


If you are a professional, researcher, or expert in any specific area then you can earn more than $1000 from this website. Here you have answers to the questions that your fans asked you.

The more fans you have, the more questions you will answer and the more you will earn. Mostly the experts are available in the following areas.



JustanAnswer pays $10 to $40 per answer if your fan is satisfied.

Chat Support Representative in Amazon

Amazon hires people in customer services to chat with the customer. This job is advertised on job websites, so you can apply, you have to just deal with queries of the customer about services or purchased items.

Chat Support Represintitative In Amazon Jobs


Pay between $12 to $16. And varies with time.

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