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Full analysis of Tmall Double 11

by Daniel Lindsey 4 months ago in business
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The methodology of Internet operation master

Today, I take you into Tmall Double 11, a landmark event of Alibaba and even the Internet industry. During my four years at Alibaba, I have been deeply involved in Double 11 for three years. Especially in the last year, I transferred from operations to Tmall Marketing as an integrated marketing, which allowed me to see the feast from a more holistic perspective.

Double 11 is not about running a department. It is a training exercise for products, brands, markets and BD operations.

It's like a year's best product, best experience, coolest gameplay, the most advanced AI, the best resources, the biggest exposure, the most strategic approach.

So I say that Double 11 is the fastest growing project in Ali and even the whole Internet! It's a parade of advanced weapons!

We can analyze Double 11 from many perspectives, but this time, because we have talked about the division of labor, the way of thinking and the way of doing things of Ali, I will analyze it from this perspective. In the following module of event operation, we will analyze it from the key elements such as rhythm, gimmicky benefit points, gameplay, and resource integration.

First, let's take a look at how Double 11 is planned.

One of the most important departments is the Marketing Department, which is directly opposite to Xiaoxiaozi or Manager Ma before that. It is the initiating department, and its main responsibility is to solve the problem of the appeal of the Singles' Day and formulate strategies to attract traffic. For example, the online and offline advertisements, the Singles Day party, the must-buy list H5 on moments and the creative communication on new media are all done by the Marketing Department. In 2018, on Singles Day, Tmall played "missing" on its official Weibo account, while Alipay played "Koi", which was a marketing event. And spread the word about the big event of "Double 11" in a funny and funny way. Instead of peddling all the time. The test is the Marketing Department for the majority of Internet users insight and a variety of new marketing combinations.

The second is the operation department, which will activate the external traffic drawn by the Marketing Department and some traffic owned by the merchants. It will undertake these traffic with a plate of good goods, and its main responsibility is to maximize the flow into sales. For example, they are responsible for all the discounts, products and games on Double 11 that make you want to cut your hands off.

Then there is the product manager, who will turn some gameplay requirements or efficiency requirements put forward by the market or operation department into products to reduce workload, and achieve more convenient dissemination and efficient transformation. For example, in previous years, fancy coupons, catch cats, torch red envelopes, shopping brand city and so on, and let the flow of transformation more efficient guess you like, thousands of faces, horse racing mechanism.

How can such a large project work well together to ensure efficiency and results?

? First of all, the company attaches great importance to the project: it is the most easy to get a raise, promotion and performance in the whole company, so everyone is committed to performing.

? The second is KPI consistency. Most people have to back the industry's GMV or activity page conversion rate, guide the transaction, the goal is the same, take advantage of this wave to complete the KPI, the end of the year will be a lot easier.

? Finally, the PM system is implemented to the people: we will formulate the general PM and the PM of each sub-project at the very beginning, and there will be a special person for each category to connect with the Double 11 project team, so that no one will be found

I have mentioned how Double 11 was achieved by all departments working together. Let's take a look at how this project focuses on the six ideas of the operator, do you remember? They are process-based thinking, refined thinking, leveraged thinking, ecological thinking, data thinking and product thinking.

Process thinking:

When a mature operation gets a task, it will comb through its entire process, breaking a big problem down into a myriad of small execution details that make the result more certain.

For example, during each Singles' Day campaign, the official will output a battle map of merchants on Singles' Day, and there will be SOps inside, both of which reflect process thinking. Here I enclose the big picture of business operations in 2019 in the manuscript

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Fine grained thinking

Thousands of faces is the ultimate embodiment of refined thinking. Artificial intelligence designer Lu class, can generate hundreds of millions of banners in real time, all related to you, you have clicked on the above, the collection of goods, click rate will naturally be higher. In large events with daily traffic of millions or tens of millions, a 1 percent increase in the click-through rate of the banner can result in tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of UV visits (unique user visits) to the landing page (that is, the page that is reached after clicking on the banner, usually a venue carrying multiple products).

Thinking on leverage:

Do one thing well first (break point), then use it as a lever point to leverage more and better things to happen.

In Double 11, the key to complete the transaction volume is KA merchants. Therefore, two months before Double 11, all kinds of customers communicated closely with KA and made clear the transaction volume target. Their trading targets to achieve, the market's target on the eight or nine to ten can be completed.

And businesses to complete their transaction volume is the starting point. So their main focus before the Singles' Day will be on fashion-forward packaging.

Ecological thinking

The deep joint marketing between Tmall and the merchants from start to finish in Double 11 is a manifestation of ecological thinking. For example, before Double 11, there were two grand ceremonies, the warm-up venue and the formal venue were lit, and stars were gathered at the ceremony, but Tmall hardly paid a penny. It was KA merchants who contributed their spokesperson resources, while Tmall would give more resources to the stations as appropriate. Another important manifestation is that when you watch videos on bus stations, subway stations and video websites before the Singles' Day, the video patch ads that appear before and after the videos are of a certain brand, but they will guide you to buy on Tmall's Singles' Day. This is a case of resource displacement.

In addition, in order to encourage businesses to do content marketing, Ali launched Ali V task, the domain name is which provides a variety of network celebrities, anchors and writers for businesses to purchase. Thousands of MCN organizations have benefited from Singles Day to create such a carnival.

Data based thinking

The operation of Ali will use data thinking in guiding businesses to make goals and dismantle. To advance the preparation of goods, flow, the development of new and old customers transaction plan. In the process, the product structure will be adjusted in real time according to the click rate and conversion rate. At the end of the activity, the key indicators will be extracted, and the review of the product, traffic, users, content and other dimensions will be carried out.

Product oriented thinking

In order to maximize the efficiency of traffic conversion and reduce the work of Xiao Er and the seller, we have productized the scenes that can liberate human flesh automatically in the whole process. For example, in the process of submitting products for the Double 11 activity, the second little dog needs to set the field of XX to be submitted when publishing the activity registration entrance, the discount rate must be greater than XX, the 30-day sales must be greater than XX, the return rate must be less than XX, etc. The merchants who meet the requirements will pass, and the merchants who do not meet the requirements will give feedback and submit again. For example, there will be a horse-racing mechanism on the day of Double 11, which means that the ranking of commodities is mainly related to the data of collection, additional purchase, coupon receipt, conversion, transaction, etc. According to the real-time ranking of the data of the last hour, commodities in the main venue will be replaced. Ensure that the goods on the meeting are the most competitive, can use the flow efficiency to the extreme.

At this point, I believe you have some understanding of the inside of Double 11. Do you see a significant change in the way Singles Day is referred to as a shopping festival to a global carnival? The first line of attack is no longer 30 percent off goods. But there is a lot of colorful content for you to grow strong grass. We call it content marketing.

Since 2015, the home pages of Taobao and Tmall apps have changed greatly, with more than half of the traffic entry positions given to content modules. Double 11 will see a large proportion of traffic to Weibo, lists, Taobao live streaming, wow short videos. These contents greatly improve the user's stay time, and when users see the pictures and videos of the master and live broadcast, they are immersed in brainwashing, planting grass, and unconsciously add shopping cart, and the conversion rate and customer price are significantly increased. This year's double 11, it is said that Li Jiaqi and so on with the price of the owner of the broadcast is also a difficult to find.

At a time when Internet traffic has reached a bottleneck, improving traffic efficiency through content and social interaction seems to be effective.

This is the end of today's class, mainly explaining how various departments of Alibaba cooperated to split and implement the huge Double 11 project. And how the operator's six thoughts are reflected in it.

This year's Double 11, while we are buying and buying, we can use the eyes of operators to review the feast and learn advanced things from it.


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