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Frequently Asked Questions about Party Bus in Chicago

by George Kinsela 2 years ago in business
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Party bus rental is really popular in Chicago, that’s why many people are renting party buses.

Party bus rental is really popular in Chicago, that’s why many people are renting party buses. Though many people have already experienced their first ride of a party bus in Chicago, many are still hesitating due to many queries. It’s normal to have your doubts and queries about new things, but it’s vital to clear your all doubts before hiring a party bus so that one is not under any wrong impression and is able to enjoy the ride in a party bus.

If there are a few questions in your mind you wish to resolve before you consult a party bus service provider, here we've brought for you a list of the frequently asked questions which individuals usually have before they book a party bus in Chicago:

Who will drive the party bus and is the driver’s tip included in the charges?

A reliable party bus provider always hires commercial license holder drivers for driving these buses. You can completely rely on these drivers. Also, some party bus rental companies send an extra driver along in case the destination is war. This is because the driver could interchange their position if one gets tired.

The majority of the party bus providers provide you with a written contract that mentions all the costing and fees structure, which includes the taxes. Please, note they can choose if they want to add the driver’s tip in this or not. For your convenience, make sure to ask your party bus rental company about this.

Can I drink?

This is the question that is asked a plethora of times, and the answer to this is yes. If you have reached the legal age of drinking, you can definitely drink. You can ask your party bus rental company if they provide the drinks on the party bus or whether you are supposed to bring them along.

Are we supposed to clean the party bus before leaving?

It is a good thing if you’ll keep the bus clean but there is no compulsion of you cleaning the party bus after your rental period is over. Though, make sure the interior of the rental party bus isn't damaged in any way as party bus rental services providers do evoke a deposit beforehand. So, if the bus gets damaged, the cost is deducted from that deposit.

Are there any hidden costs included?

No, genuine party bus rental companies in Chicago won’t evoke any further charges. The sole charges you’ll need to pay are those you agreed to in the written agreement while hiring the party bus. Keep it within the mind, you would possibly get charged on an associate degree hourly basis if you exceed the limit you initially approved.

Is smoking allowed in the party bus?

Unfortunately, like drinking, smoking is not allowed on the party buses. The reason behind this is to provide the riders with the first-class experience with the fresh-smelling interior. But one can ask the driver to pull over whenever they need a quick smoke.

How much in advance do we need to book a party bus?

It depends. Though the earlier you book, the cheaper the deals you’ll grab. If you are in the festive or wedding season make sure to book in 7-8 month advance and if it’s on normal days 4-5 month advance booking would be great.

Party buses tend to be nice, fun, and jam-packed with amusement. However, if you possess any reasonable doubts before booking them, you should get them resolved by your party bus rental company before hiring them.


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