Freakishly Effective Ways To Be More Productive At Work

by Lynda Arbon 4 months ago in advice

Learn some easy to implement strategies in your life which can help you become efficient and super-productive at your work.

Freakishly Effective Ways To Be More Productive At Work

You can ruin your whole day if you are not productive at your work. Still, you can see a great majority of people having a tough time being productive as well as efficient at work. Why do you think it happens with them?

There are a lot of reasons for it.

Firstly, people are not prepared for the day as they begin their work. They drift around casually, making only a little progress and become panicky when they reach the end of the day.

Secondly, they may not be having a conducive work environment. This is crucial as a disorganized workspace can be a huge source of distractions. Even if the individual puts his heart and soul to his work, he can fall short of being productive just because he lacks a good work environment.

Thirdly, they may not be taking care of their health. If the mind and body of a person aren't at peace, he or she will have a terrible time at work and will inevitably end up being far from productive.

Keeping these three reasons in mind, we have compiled a list of some simple strategies that you can adopt for acing at your workplace and earn the respect of your peers. So, let us see those steps one by one,

Prioritize Your Tasks the Previous Night

Without having a proper plan for the day, you will be highly confused when all the work comes in front of you. It is hence recommended that you spend a few minutes at the end of the day to prioritize the task you are going to do the next day. This tactic is highly useful as you can divide the work into slots, helping you to deal with it effectively.

This simple act of writing things down not only helps us to visualize the tasks but also puts us in the driver's seat to finish the work quickly.

Do the Highest Priority Work in Your Most Productive Hours

You might have seen how delaying the work for the last moment fails miserably. Apart from this being a mental thing, it has a lot to do with your physicality too. Usually, in the later hours of the day, you are excessively drained of energy that it feels not easy to work. Stressing yourself when you are tired can also affect your physical health on a significant level.

Due to this, you have to ensure that your peak productive hours go for your highest-priority work. Different people work best at different times, and it is essential to choose your optimal working hours.

Eliminate Distractions at Work

If you are constantly distracted at work, you can never expect to finish your work on time, let alone to be highly productive. The first step for being focused at work is to have a clean workspace. If your work desk is free from any clutter, you will be able to concentrate better.

Secondly, you should mute all the unnecessary notifications that pop up on your smartphone. You have no idea how much valuable time it steals from your working hours.

If you can be vigilant of the little distractions that can come in your way, you can become highly productive at work.

Take Care of Your Health

As mentioned above, staying in excellent health plays a key role in being super-productive at work. If your body can't support you, your mind never will. It is, therefore, essential to give due care to your general wellness.

People often damage their health by being involved in unhealthy habits like smoking and binge drinking. Moreover, these vices are slowly creeping into the young lads working on corporates.

For those who feel they are addicted to smoking can try various nicotine replacements that are available today. Binge drinkers can try cutting down their drinking quota for slowly dropping the dependency on alcohol.

Give Yourself a Break

Slogging for hours and hours in office can make you hate your work terribly. You will also carry the mental burden from your office to your home also. All these things are not conducive for you to become productive at work.

It is completely fine to take little breaks at work as it can prevent the risk of burnout. You will also feel more rejuvenated and refreshed, taking your mind off from your tasks a little while.


You don't have to be super-smart to become highly productive at work. All you need is some non-cognitive skills like focus, discipline, and will to persevere, irrespective of the obstacles. The strategies which are mentioned above can help you a lot in keeping a sharp focus at work. With a little practice, you can ace in implementing these habits in your life forever.

Lynda Arbon
Lynda Arbon
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