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For the reasons why coworking is not the future of employment."

Coworking space in Mumbai has been taken over by yet another well-funded coworking business while I peruse the local papers.

By Munnazir ZarinPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
Coworking Space in Islamabad

The fact that this is the fourth independent Best coworking space brand to invade this 2-square-kilometer area in the last six months should be cause for concern Meanwhile, the area's existing coworking facilities are struggling to keep up with expected occupancy levels.

The future of employment has long been predicted to be coworking. While originally intended to serve startups and small businesses, coworking spaces are now almost exclusively used by large corporations as a way to connect, create, and grow. Everyone wants to get in on the coworking craze, but there are already signs that the sector is going to crumble.

First step toward its demise: making coworking a commodity

International and domestic coworking space businesses are entering the real estate market as the commercial real estate market slows. For many consumers, the only considerations are price and location when faced with an abundance of options. Customer devotion to a certain brand has never been lower. Suppliers are attempting to address this need by producing low-cost imitation items in order to meet the needs of the business community. The following are a some of the most popular fads right now.

Ratio of occupied rooms to revenue

When it comes to the coworking business, "occupancy equals success," as the phrase goes. This, however, is not always the case. The truth is that this is one of the most destructive fallacies that may exist in the corporate world. No way, not at all! In no way, shape, or form do I think this to be the case! Even for people with a high level of industry knowledge, it may be difficult to distinguish the occupancy illusion from the real thing. Despite the fact that they have been doing so for a long time, this is still the case. Globally, real estate experts agree that a coworking space's occupancy rate is a reliable predictor of how well the facility is doing financially, including in terms of revenue and profitability, among other factors. Counting the number of individuals who enter and exit a coworking space isn't the only way to determine whether or not a coworking space is a success.

Distinction and a sense of belonging

People that work in one of these coworking spaces believe that their technique is special when compared to the strategy used by other organisations in the same sector. What do you think of it, on the other hand? However, despite the fact that this is totally correct, I find it slightly amusing, despite the fact that it is completely accurate. Their vocal timbres look to be quite close to one another, and this appears to be the case in this scenario as well. This is the only thing that appears to separate them from one another at this point.

As a result of the increasing popularity of copycat cowor . king spaces, businesses have been motivated to offer their clients the lowest possible cost as a result of this growth. The organisation has chosen this method of distancing themselves from their competitors rather than focusing on the experience they provide members, the design they use, or their investment of time and effort to establishing a community as a means of distinguishing themselves from their competitors. It seems that a significant number of coworking spaces have websites that are so similar to one another that it looks as if they are imitating the design of the websites of their rivals.

Design of a coworking space

Coworking space continues to be the gold standard for coworking space design. Few are able to replicate the look and feel of their workplace. When significant players rely on coworking spaces to lead the way, innovation has stalled out. So please help me distinguish between the "cabin" spaces offered by coworking providers. Spot the difference is going to be a lot more difficult because of this.

The path ahead is clear.

The only thing that the coworking movement has taught us is that we need to change our habits.. Increasingly, commercial real estate is shifting toward full service, flexible, and multi-functional facilities.. Step one of a much wider movement is coworking.


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