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February 18, 2022

Another day in the Books

By Tammy hopkinsonPublished about a year ago 4 min read
February 18, 2022
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Well, she got up, went to work, made her way through the first part of the shift, and her new employee came into work this morning. On his first day on the job, he already knew how to cook; flip eggs; he does not know how we do things at our store. We were busy today and did 1700 dollars, but it went rather well today with the number of people she had on staff today.

It is fun working with the people that she works with because we know how to have a good time and get the job done for the most part. For the most part, she has an excellent team that works for her; sometimes, it does not feel that way, but that could be a difference in opinions and personalities throughout the workplace. Sometimes when you go to work, people do not like to have fun and get along, but it makes your day so; much better when everyone gets along and works together to get the job done.

We are all in the people business, and we have to make sure that the customers are happy with the service and food that we have provided for them. When you do not make sure; the customers seem content with their experience, it makes it harder to keep the business coming in because all it takes is one bad experience, and they will never come back. We want them to tell all their friends and family about their experience with your establishment. She finally got all of her stuff done and was ready to go home for the day.

She finally made it home; of course, it only takes her twelve to fifteen minutes to get from work to the house, so it is not that bad; especially when traffic lets out from school. It is hard to write about things that do not involve your life because she has never really taken any writing courses and never thought she would write this many articles about things in her life. However, she is excited for the experience to finally put her writing skills into making some articles that other people around the world will read. The best part of the day was seeing her grandson, even if it was just for a little; bit. He is just the cutest ever. She found out he will be in the mardi gras parade at a theme park tomorrow as king of the mardi gras. It is going to be so perfect! However, she has to work during the times of the parade. But she is sure she will get some photos; videos from their outing. If only she; was off work, she could try to go to the; parade. However, because of work, that is how the world works. You cannot always have it your way and work out the way you want it, too.

Sham and Junior are lying around the house doing what they do best, resting and relaxing. She talked with her daughter today to see how she was doing? She worked today, but she got off earlier this afternoon and made it home to spend time with her family. It is so strange when your children grow up and become adults and start families of their own. The house never feels the same these; days because everyone is working now and their children are becoming their person.

She has found out that if; she sits here and writes something without thinking about the editing part, she racks up the word count on her article. Before you know it, you have enough on the page to go back and edit what you have written to make it sound a little better, clearer for the reader to read, and understand what you want to say about the day in your life.

How do you cook for two people when you have been cooking for five people most of your life? It is so hard for us to decide what to eat these days! When the boys are at work, and; we are at the house by ourselves. We eat the same things all the time and never have anything new around us that we haven't had before. It is a shame when you cannot think of anything to eat in the house, and you don't want to cook for just the two of us. It is just; hard to figure out meals for two people without making it a big production. Especially when no one else is home to cook for, and the puppies eat later, on in the afternoon. Well, time to relax for the evening; she sits here in the living room writing and watching "Hazel"! An old show with morals and class. Most of the shows; that you watch these days on the television do not have anything good to watch. Some of the shows that you see on any channel these days are reality shows, vampire shows, and stupid stuff that should not be on the television, to begin with, because the shows do not have any class or morals.


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She loves to write and spend time with the family. It has not always been an easy road but, it never is. I hope that you enjoy the articles that I write.

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