Fashion Companies Are Using Instagram to Drive More Traffic and Sales

Whether it is a retail company or a fashion brand, using Instagram is the best way to grow a customer base and business.

Fashion Companies Are Using Instagram to Drive More Traffic and Sales

Whether it is a retail company or a fashion brand, using Instagram is the best way to grow a customer base and business. In this modern business world where social networking sites play a major role and creating more attention is the key to success, Instagram happens to be the best platform having all the potential to provide you everything that you need.

Using Instagram platform will ensure you to drive more traffic to your fashion site and generate more sales. This platform has developed in functionality and performance over the past few years. This has opened up a whole new avenue to shop.

You will simply have to create and use the best content by blending your own posts with the User-Generated Content, or UGC. This will have a dual beneficial effect:

• This will draw new followers as well as retain the existing customers and

• It will also keep the users happy when you use their content, of course after seeking their permission to do so.

The good thing is that the new features will enable you to grow your followers and not have to buy real Instagram likes for that matter. With a billion active users a month, Instagram is ideally the go-to social media platform for both retail and fashion brands to grow their fan following and sales.

Stay progressive and competent

You will be able to stay most competitive, progressive, responsive and active when you use Instagram. This platform will enable you to showcase your strengths as well as your employees’ talent with the behind the scenes look that will only add to its potential.

There are a few tactics which you can use to increase the potential of the platform as well as your employees even more. These are:

• Sharing images of happy customers using your product

• Using photos of employees working on the product

• Posting photos of employee celebrations or any other events

• Including photos that shows workers volunteering and taking other initiatives

• Showcasing your workplace as most comfortable and inviting and

• Providing pictures that will act as visual evidence of the perks that you pay to your employees.

The most significant reason that the Instagram platform attracts multitudes of followers without having to buy them, which most of the times are fake, is that it provides the best reason to the followers to like, share and comment a post. You can increase this potential manifold if you use celebrities for your Instagram marketing efforts.

Start by using the fundamental requirements

Instagram can be the more productive and useful platform for your fashion site to gain more traffic if you follow the basic requirements of it. This will ensure that you use the larger section of the one billion active monthly users and reach to them in the most comprehensive way.

Every professional as well as amateur uses Instagram today and prefers it over the other social networking sites. Such popularity of this channel among the B2B marketers are due to that facts that:

• This channel enables them to connect with their targeted audience quickly and in a more engaging way and

• They can deliver the best content in just the same way as they can on any other social media channel.

Since photos speak a thousand of words, this will be the best way in which you can showcase your talent. This will ensure that your fashion brand and product stand out from your competitors.

Just make sure that you create the best fashion Instagram account. For this you will need to follow the few specific techniques and strategies so that you can meet with the Instagram fundamentals just as all other marketers do to drive the best results always and every time.

Use Instagram Stories

You will be better off in showcasing your talent and fashion product when you use Instagram Stories. This is a slideshow format that will help you to show the best of your products together. Though this will be live only for 24 hours, it will create a better impact in the minds of the users. However, if you really think that your content creation is best and you want to reuse it later, you can save it in your device.

If you want to use Instagram Stories that are more like Snapchat Stories, you must know the significant benefits of it that make it different and popular. These are:

• This will make your brand more prominent as it will be displayed just under the logo of Instagram at the top of feeds of your followers’ timelines

• You can use it to capture behind-the-scenes content and the content needs not be as high quality as the regular Instagram posts

• You will be able to experiment with different types of content such as photos, a short video, GIFs, Boomerang, live video or videos filmed backwards called Rewind videos

• Tag other accounts with it, which will me it even more effective and ideal for influencer and collaborative marketing and

• You can also use different features to make it all the more interesting and effective such as filters, stickers and text.

Most importantly, you will be able to edit the images on-the-go and make sure that the stories are more searchable and easily found by using relevant hashtags and proper geo locations.

Value to your audience

You will need to provide your audience with the right value just as they deserve. For this you will need to:

• Understand your audience and take time to find the right ones

• Talk to them and not at them, if you know the difference between the two

• Appeal to your target audience with your content and conversation and

• Consider whether or not they are your potential buyers

All such information and knowledge will help you project your fashion brand in the right way as well as create an interest in your audience to get more engaged with your posts, click on the links to visit your fashion site and thereby increase the traffic count. Providing value to your audience will ensure your brand too gets the desired value in return.

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