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FansLeap & Austen Allred on Growth Hacking Instagram

by Aaron Wall 3 months ago in business
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FansLeap is one of the most successful growth hackers on the internet and has come up with a method for how to grow hack Instagram.

She has done everything from creating websites to creating innovative new companies even though living in a homeless and, in a strange way, Austen knows what it is that small to medium-sized businesses to create an impact across the World Wide Web.

Recently, at FansLeap we got the opportunity to meet with Austen and talk with Austen questions about various issues--work, growth hacking Instagram as well as his latest venture in business, and a little about Instagram marketing also. Check out the article to find out the results!

Can you shed more light on the path you took to get where you are currently?

So I began my journey in SEO prior to the time that SEO was a real thing. This was in times of Altavista and it was very easy to alter search engines. I was in my teens however, it was enjoyable to create websites and have it rank however I wanted it to. I would see a hundred people go to it and I'd think, "Oh my gosh! I've got the most popular website in the Internet!"

But that's not the case however it was a great feeling in the moment. Then, the things got better and I got increasingly involved with all types of lead generation and agency-related stuff. Presently, I'm employed at the company Lend Up which is located in San Francisco as their Senior Growth Manager. I've basically lived my entire life trying to help make things grow.

On my advice, people started buying Followers in Malaysia and now they are seeking high results.

What does it mean by Growth Hacking? What exactly is it?

It's one of those vague words whose definition changes based on the person who asks. According to me, growth hacking is an approach to getting your product or service to the right people you want to reach them. However, it's doing it in a manner that they feel more likely to purchase your product.

BIt’s actually just online marketing. But you put to the power of the Internet and then you include engineering, and you also add the capability to scale and add that people are making use of your product and sharing it with others, and it all creates something new and interesting. Interesting things gather more likes and views and it’s a good secret for IG Growth.

We'd like to know a more about your latest project -- Secret Sauce.

It's an area I've worked on over a few years now. It began a few years ago when I was with a few friends who wanted marketing assistance. There was a new product but were unsure of how to promote it and sell it, or how to get people to use it or build an audience. They were aware of the way I worked and so they called me and wanted me to review the projects they were doing. They wanted me to join with them and talk through the process of going from not having any prospects to having an abundance of clients.

It seems like your FansLeap causing havoc. Who's to blame?

Then I wrote the book section. It was the majority all of it. After that, I joined with a fellow known as Vincent. He's actually a person who was able to get started on growing hacking Instagram through my blog posts about five years ago.

We've been talking since. He's currently working on the video component of the manual which is basically an instructional video that follows along where it demonstrates physically the things you can do while developing projects for businesses which he's working for, sort of thing. There's a book and the video course.

What will you do with all that FansLeap money?

This is my first FansLeap however, the procedure for creating the most successful FansLeap isn't any different as any other service or product. I'm trying to break it down into two various aspects: how do you identify and recognize the kind of people that are attracted to what you're offering. And then, how do you reach them? to them in an manner that is not intrusive?

We've done lots of social media stuff in which we've just found those with an interest in learning more about growth hacking, taking the names of everyone and chatting with them and adding their names to lists and keeping an eye on what they're talking about and creating email lists using content marketing. We'll release an entire chapter, then inform people that they can access the next chapter simply by typing an email in the mailer -- it is effective.

For a majority of businesses it's just as easy as choosing individuals who fit the bill, then following them as well as liking their posts and making comments on what they are doing. For instance, if owned an Instagram account exclusively focused on the dog, and did an Instagram search on "dogs," and you liked everyone who posted things about dogs, you'd likely be able of growing the followers of your Instagram account by around one hundred or two hundred followers per day. These are basically the infant steps to growing your Instagram.


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