Essential Video Marketing Rules For Real Estate Agent

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Tips for real estate agent to get benefits from real estate video marketing

Essential Video Marketing Rules For Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re just getting started with video marketing or looking to maximize the impact of your efforts, these essential rules will help you to get the most effective results

#1. Make A Videos that Align with the Buyer’s Journey

Understanding customers’ demand is the essential thing when selling anything. Same as in the real estate market. The more you understand your target audiences, the better you can sell houses.

Each type of client will have different stages. Each stage of the buyer’s journey serves a different purpose. Therefore, understanding the best video marketing for each stage definitely makes you the leader of the game.


This is the first stage of buyers. It is applied for home buyers who are not sure what they need. With this step, you should make your video stand out and appear as many times as possible when potential home buyers first start searching on search engines.

You can use Facebook Adwords or Google Adwords to support. With Facebook, you will have to pay for every time your video appears, while google ads only charge you when someone clicks. For this stage, Facebook Ad can be a bit better because because it can distribute your video to many people, however, the price is quite expensive

Also, do not make the video too long, 90-second video is enough and remember to add a call-to-action to your video to promote your potential clients


This step is when your clients know what they want but they are standing among lots of choice. Your target now is making them understand that you are the best choice for them. Now it is time to make the video a bit longer showing more details and features of the houses.

You also can create a short video to introduce about you and your expertise. By doing this, potential clients will have a trust in your service.


This is the last step to trigger the potential home buyers to make a purchase. It is very important to show them exactly what they are looking for. In this stage, your video marketing should include all the details such as home walk throughs, listing videos, and virtual open houses/showings shown one-on-one or to a live group.

#2. Don’t Skimp on Quality

Now you have your idea on how to create the video, don’t ruin it by capturing your video in low quality. However, it doesn’t mean you need to invest in expensive equipment or hire the most professionals to shoot the videos. Focusing on the following factor can help you avoid this issue.


Great lighting can make your home more attractive and appealing. Therefore, when shooting a video, try to utilize the natural light by opening all the windows or doors. Then if the lighting is still not good, try external lighting such as portable lighting or reflectors.


Stability is an important factor in shooting a video. Working in the real estate video editing field, we receive a lot of request on fixing the stability of the video. It can be hard to fix if the video is not shot correctly. Therefore, to avoid this, invest in a good tripod which matches with your camera.


Audio is also a factor which can ruin your video. Bad audio quality can not help to convey your message throughout the video. The common error with audio is the unwanted echoing that happens when you’re filming in empty, hollow or unfurnished spaces (like a vacant property.) Pack some dense blankets to drape or hang from surrounding, off-camera walls to get rid of this issue

#3. Post and Link in the Right Places

Having your videos appeared on the right places will boost the chance of selling your house


Youtube is definitely the first place to upload your video because it is considered the first place to search when people tend to search for a house. Create your own brand channel and upload your videos to your channel.


MLS has specific and strict requirements regarding videos. Therefore when upload your video, try to follow its policy

Social Media

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, very helpful in distributing your video to your target audience. However, each social platform will have its own rule for the video uploaded, make sure you check it before uploading

Your Website

Embeding your video on your website along with the listing will help home buyers follow the listing better. Besides, it also supports SEO which helps your listing to be ranked on the first page of search engines.

How do you think about these reasons? Start recording your videos now to reap the benefits of it. The longer you wait, the more clients you are losing.

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