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Encapsulated vs. Conditioned Crawl Space: Difference to Know

by guardian foundation 2 months ago in business
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Crawl space encapsulation and conditioning are two main ways to seal your crawl space. It will save energy bills and keep your home free of clutter.

Good storage space is a valuable asset, no matter how old your home is. Storing stuff under your house can save you a lot of money and keep your home clutter-free. And guess what? You might be sitting on top of storage space - your crawl space.

The area behind your walls and beneath your floors is called the crawl space. Crawl spaces are often used for this purpose and can be either encapsulated or conditioned. These spaces provide you with more protection and stability and can save you money on your energy bill. But what's the difference between an encapsulated and conditioned crawl space?

Encapsulated Crawl Space

Crawl space encapsulation is the procedure of sealing off your crawl space entirely from the outside world. This is done by using a vapor barrier on the walls and floors and sealing off any vents.

You will use white plastic sheeting for the vapor barrier on the walls and floors. The white color will reflect light, keeping the space illuminated. You'll also need to use a dehumidifier and sub-pump as everything will be sealed off.

If you don't seal the crawl space properly, it will stay damp and filthy. Without any form of sealing, you may get moisture in the crawl area, which would cause everything you were keeping there to rot. As the space is dry, you can store anything in the encapsulated area.

Conditioned Crawl Space

A conditioned crawl space is one that is sealed off from the outside elements and has a consistent temperature and humidity level. It uses vapor barriers and insulation to keep the space dry and comfortable.

When you condition your crawl space, you use black polyethylene sheeting to line the ground. You won't cover the vents because you need air to circulate. The black polyethylene sheeting will reflect heat back into the crawl space, keeping the temperature consistent. The material you'll use to condition your crawl area is called "Visqueen."

The great thing about utilizing vapor barriers in your crawl space is that you may still keep things there. As a result, those holiday decorations will have somewhere to stay without you having to worry about them getting damaged.

Encapsulated vs. Conditioned Crawl Space

Crawl spaces that have been encapsulated and conditioned are similar in many ways, but they remain distinct.

An encapsulated crawl space has been entirely sealed off from the outside world. A conditioned crawl space only seals the floor, walls, and vents, but not the access door.

The main dissimilarity between the two is that an encapsulated crawl space will use a dehumidifier, while a conditioned crawl space will not. Also, the vents are not covered in conditioned space; you don't need to worry about this equipment.

An encapsulated crawl space is typically white, while a conditioned crawl space is black. People feel crawl space encapsulation is visually appealing as white space is seen as clean. It helps to increase the value of your home should you ever want to sell.

When it comes to price, an encapsulated crawl space will cost more than a conditioned crawl space. Both methods will save you money on your energy bill, but an encapsulated crawl space will do so to a greater extent.

If your crawl space is not keeping your stuff dry, or you're worried about moisture damage, foundation repair companies offer services to repair and encapsulate your crawl space. Sealing off your crawl space is a great way to save money and keep your home clutter-free.

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Seal Your Crawl Space Today

If you're worried about moisture damage or your energy bill, it's time to seal your crawl space. Whether you choose to encapsulate or condition your crawl space, the professionals of house foundation repair can help. So choose the proper method for you and your home, and start reaping the benefits today.


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