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Employee Corporate Gift Incentives!

10 corporate gifts to show your workers they are valued

By Samantha WGPublished 2 years ago 8 min read
Want to give a corporate gift to show your appreciation or get your name out there?

The daily grind of working 9-5 p.m. can sometimes take a toll on various employees within your company. While your company may be one of the best in the industry, it is time to make sure your employees feel appreciated after the year they’ve endured.

2020 was a year that tested many and showed that employees are to be appreciated after all the challenges they endured during a global pandemic. As a CEO or major decision-maker of the company, it's time to give your employees a little gift incentive to show that their hard work has not gone unnoticed.

Whether you are creating a corporate gift incentive program, providing gift baskets for employee milestones, or creating an employee onboarding gift boxes; looking into various corporate gift items available will provide you with ideas to help you create the perfect gift that will benefit new and current employees.

As a major B2B wholesale company in the UAE, we know exactly what employees need to help motivate their day and simultaneously make it easier. While a gift card may sound nice, it is always better to provide individuals with items that they can use daily.

We have a list of some items that would make a perfect gift for employees, partner companies, and loyal vendors that interact with your company’s day-to-day. Increase your business relationship by ordering these high-quality corporate gifts:

Drinking Mugs or Tumblers

Everyone would enjoy a branded mug or tumbler from their employer. Rather than opt-in for chocolate-covered candy, provide your employee with an item they can use daily while at home or their desk. A mug is great for hot drinks such as coffee or tea and can make for a great welcome gift to the company. You should also be considerate of your current employees who are more focused on hydration as well. Opt-in for a water bottle or tumbler to provide employees who are cutting back their caffeine instead of water. BizBiz.Biz allows you to quickly connect with these vendors and manufacturers to help you place an order or request with ease. Receive these high-quality gifts just in time to pass out at your next corporate event as a giveaway raffle prize or a sales milestone incentive. Before you know it, everyone will be walking around with coffee or tea mugs that represent their loyalty to your company’s brand.

A Backpack

If your company is known for remote work, then this is an option you should most definitely investigate. Some employees dread having to carry around their work computer to and from the office. Make the trip easier for your employees by providing them with a backpack to carry their items around. While it can mainly be used for a computer, these high-quality backpacks can be used to carry other things besides work-related items; they might even gift it to their children to carry their schoolbooks! If you decide on adding a branded logo, this can make for free advertising while benefiting your employees and their family.

Wireless Chargers

We all know the satisfaction of having a fully charged phone at the end of the workday, especially from a salesperson. This corporate gift item will greatly benefit your employees who often use their phones for personal and business calls. We use our phones for practically everything in today’s world. Now that most call center employees are working from home, keeping a steady charge on a personal cell phone is important when routing work-related calls. Providing this item to your employees shows that you are keeping practicality and productivity in mind. When creating an onboarding gift set for new hires, this is a sure way to show that you understand the importance of communication for your employees.

Stationery Items

Use this as a perfect addition to a gift basket or just to provide your employees with more tools to utilize during the day. Pens, pencil, paper, sticky notes are all items that your employees often must spend out of pocket to help them better their workspace. Cut those costs for your employees by providing them with all the stationery items they need. With our wide variety of corporate gifts available, you can provide your whole office building with all the stationary tools they need to tackle their tasks for the day. Slap a company logo on the item and utilize this gift not only at your workplace but at trade shows and major networking events to pass along to potential customers.

Travel Charging Kit

If your business has a large sales department, this type of item would be a great business gift to give to your sales personnel who are constantly on the go. As a major decision-maker of your company, you often meet with various departments and understand the need to have your sales personnel constantly traveling for work. They are often out and about, making important calls, and networking with various leads and clients to help benefit your company. Even your IT department may have to step out of the office to repair some hardware or two in the name of the company. With that in mind, you must be considerate of their communication efforts. Provide your employees with travel charging kits to ensure their phone is charged and handy in case of any emergencies. This is something that will benefit them during work hours but something they can often use in their personal lives as well.

Hand Sanitizer

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that there can never be enough hand sanitizer. Providing your employees with a personal container of hand sanitizer shows that you care about their wellbeing and health. While providing hand sanitizer at key locations throughout the workplace is essential to combating employee illness and absenteeism, it works best to provide the right type of sanitizer. Make sure to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 70 percent alcohol.

Face Mask

Another great incentive or gift you can provide your employees with is face masks. While COVID-19 cases have been slowing since the rollout of vaccinations, many still feel more comfortable maintaining a mask with them. Some businesses require that individuals wear masks when entering their facilities depending on their business or region. If your company follows this general mandate, providing your employees with masks will allow them to stay safe as the vaccinations are administered to the public.

UVC Sterilizer Box

While we are talking about health and wellbeing, this item is a great tool to have on your desk daily. Your employees will be tired of constantly sanitizing their hands while in their own office space. Provide them with an item that will sanitize their items for them! A UVC sterilizer uses special bulbs that can emit the proper amount of ultraviolet light that is needed to kill bacteria on smooth surfaces. UV light is considered an effective way to disinfect daily used items because it can damage the DNA of bacteria and the RNA of viruses. This makes for one of the best corporate gift incentives you can provide to your employees in a post-COVID-19 work environment!


One of the number one corporate gifts of the year, a USB flash drive is one of the best gifts you can provide to your employees. It can be used for work, home, and school if need be and can easily be stored in a cool location. There are a variety of stylish and customizable USBs available to order through our wholesale B2B website. Provide your employees with a stylish tool to store their homework, their presentations, and personal folders.

Wireless Speaker

While most of the items on our list are things that can be utilized in the office, it is best to consider some items specifically for employees out of work. A wireless speaker is a great gift to provide to all the music lovers in the office. A wireless speaker can be used virtually everywhere: at home, at the pool, at the beach, or at a party to entertain all the guests. Provide something that your employees would be happy to use daily.


Corporate gifts are a great way to show that your employees are valued in the workplace. There are many ways you can create and execute a gift incentive to corporations and companies large and small. These are just some of the corporate gift ideas we believe will be beneficial to your employees while at work and home. You can create a small gift basket for birthdays or create new hire orientation gifts. Whatever you deem fit, we have the items you need to create the perfect corporate and promotional gifts. Rather than providing employees with a snack box or gift cards, get the items they can use daily. Browse through our variety of corporate gifts to find the ones that you feel would best fit your business environment. The beauty of networking with manufacturers and vendors on BizBiz.Biz means you can fully customize all your corporate gift items. Many vendors on our site offer full customization of their items - a perfect deal when creating branded items for your employees and customers.


Give your employees more than just a gift card - order stylish and functional items that will help them feel appreciated for all their hard work! Sign Up and Get Connected with Millions of Producers and Suppliers Online at the Leading B2B wholesale market platform in Dubai, UAE!


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