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Eight Steps On How to Get Hired

Eight Steps On How to

By Mohit ChawlaPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Eight Steps On How to Get Hired
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Eight Steps On How to Get Hired


Just how hard for us to get a job? Is there such any way to get hired easily? I give you eight easy steps to follow on how to get hired and understanding how to look for a job.

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Nowadays getting hired is very difficult. It is more than just passing a resume, applying, and forever hoping to get hired. Well, it is time to stop hoping and start getting hired.

Here are the steps on how to get past job searching and start working.

Self Analysis

To start job searching you must first analyze yourself on what you want to be. You can be a Bum, an Entrepreneur, a Young Professional, or a Student Seeking Higher Studies. If you choose to be a Bum, Entrepreneur, or a Student then you should stop reading this article and continue to pursue the career path that you chose. However, if you choose to become a Young Professional continue reading because all the information you need to get hired is in this article.


Why do we need to prepare before job searching? Because Companies/Employers are very selective and among the number of applicants they have they will choose the most deserving and who will make their company more productive. They are not looking to teach you, they are looking to get instant results from you. The other reason is competition if you had experience in working you may have a distinct advantage but it is still the Companies/Employers that will have the decision when hiring an applicant.

Looking For a Company

Where do we look for a company that is hiring? A lot of companies post their job vacancy in, for example, newspaper ads, radio, TV, job fair, employment agencies, the Internet, and if your University has College Placement Office they can provide you a job vacancy listing also. Another way of looking for a company is through Networking, when looking for a company you must always be resourceful; ask the people you know that is working for a company if they have an opening. When you find a company then you must prepare for the next step.


Books, magazines, and the internet are examples of the resources you can get on how to make a presentable resume but the only point is to be true to what you will write. Donít put on your resume what you do not know.

Cover Letter

Just like in making a resume there are a lot of resources on how to make a cover letter. Before you make a letter make sure that you know where to send the cover letter that you will make. It should be either on the Human Resource Supervisor or the Employer.


If the Company/Employer called you for an interview, you must also prepare for it. Again, why do we need to prepare? As I have written earlier companies are very selective. So what do we need to prepare?

Check Company

Why do we need to check the company? If you were asked by the interviewer what do you know about the company? What do you think your answer will be? It is much better if you know the history of the company as well as the product or services that they offer to their clients. You donít exactly need to know all the information about the company, just a bit of knowledge about them is well enough.

What is the Job About?

You donít apply for a job not knowing what the job is all about. It is foolishness on your part to apply for it. Before applying for the job position make sure you qualify for the requirements the company is asking for.

During the interview, the interviewer may it be the Human Resource Supervisor or the Employer will not just look at your credentials in your resume but also your personality as well. You must show the interviewer maturity, the right attitude, and presentable appearance. It is important to make yourself presentable because you are offering your services to them and if they see you not well dressed they may think that you take their company for granted.

If you comply with what the company needs and they believe that you will be an asset to them in terms of the productivity of their company. Automatically you will get hired and the very next day you can see yourself working in the company.

But if you see yourself not get hired, the answer lies in you; The Company doesnít necessarily want you but you just donít want to get hired, just as plain as simple as that.


Embracing Caregiving As A Career


Experts say if you are a person who is caring and compassionate, a good conversationalist and enjoy helping others, you might consider a career as a caregiver.

By Josh Appel on Unsplash

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Experts say if you are a person who is caring and compassionate, a good conversationalist and enjoy helping others, you might consider a career as a caregiver.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there are more than 700,000 professional companions or caregivers, making this one of the fastest-growing occupations in the nation. The Bureau projects more than a 27 percent growth in this career category over the next 10 years.

According to Home Instead Senior Care CEO and founder Paul Hogan, an aging population and longer life spans are indicators of an increasing demand for not only health care, but also in-home assistance. "The help and companionship afforded by a caregiver can keep seniors in their own homes longer and enhance their quality of life," says Hogan.

Seniors are not the only ones to benefit. For example, after relocating to a new city with her husband, a woman named Muriel Phelps decided she wanted to meet new people and take on new challenges. She had managed an office for 20 years and wasn't necessarily looking for a job when she discovered a hidden talent for caring for seniors. "In this day and age, people can have several careers," says Phelps of her newfound caregiving vocation. "It is one of the most fascinating periods of my life."

She has now been a professional caregiver for Home Instead Senior Care for three years and says the satisfaction of caregiving is being able to reach out and give other seniors the care they need. She and her seniors share many interests-a love of gardening, music, food-and they even shop together.

"I have been so blessed in my life," she says. "If I can share and make someone's life more interesting and fun, right until their last breath, I've accomplished something and made my life worthwhile."


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