Document Templates Every Business Needs to Work Remotely

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Different types of business document templates that help your business to run smoothly even during these trying times.

The new way of doing business has put an end to face-to-face meetings with prospects and customers. Such spontaneous shifts in the working scenarios have posed businesses with challenges like - How to win clients, convert prospects to customers, and ensure timely exchange of critical documents. Will incorporating business document templates in the document creation and maintenance process help? Let’s find out.

Why should your business use document templates?

Templates are ready to use documents or contracts that give business processes a head start. You can opt for a ready to use templates or create a template of your own (complying with the requirements of your organization) and repurpose it as and when needed. Here are some benefits of using templates that individuals, teams, and businesses (working remotely) can leverage -

  • Ensures simplification and consistency - Using a template ensures that the language and format of your documents does not alter depending on the user. This provides consistency throughout the team thereby reducing the chances of errors and avoids duplication of work
  • A big time and money saver - Creating a contract from scratch is a tedious and time-consuming process. Business document templates boost the drafting process that results in saving time. Also the legally vetted templates reduce dependency on external legal and contract experts which lessens your business costs. Tried and tested pre-built templates also reduce the review cycle time leading to quick churn out of documents.
  • Reduced chances of errors and omissions - Almost all pre-built templates are verified by the legal experts. It reduces the chances of any error or omission of critical clauses or terms within the agreement. This instills confidence among the users to choose templates over creating a document on their own.
  • Offers customization - Many document management tools that offer template library also lets you customize these templates as per your needs and the requests of your clients. Any team would prefer minor customization of an existing document over drafting a new contract from the ground up.
  • Better activity tracking - Having multiple teams working simultaneously on single documents can create chaos. Using templates within a document management tool lets you follow through on all the changes and updates made in the document. You can also keep track of the people who are accessing the document and with whom they are sharing it.
  • There are high chances that your remote teams will face issues when it comes to working on critical documents. They have to be extra cautious especially when the document is being sent out to customers. The first step towards tackling such problems is to adopt templates in your day to day business operation. There are hundreds of options ranging from simple business templates to industry-specific templates available for you to use for free!

    Quotes or quotation templates

    A sales quote or quotation document provides the pricing overview of services and products that the prospects can avail. Since the new norm restricts in-person conversations, sales teams are aiming to create quotes that do the selling for them. These documents should be explicit enough to convince the prospects and clients in a way that your sales rep would ideally do in person.

    Sending out quotes with too much information can make the format cumbersome. A sales quote template can be helpful in such scenarios. Opt for a template with a well-defined format that clearly conveys the information to your prospect.

    Using a template can also ease the process of negotiation. It will allow prospects to change, update, and redline terms within the document. These changes can be tracked and discussed between both parties. An activity tracker on the documents created using templates will record and keep all the document activities and update the relevant teams with real-time changes through email notifications.

    Proposal templates

    An effective sales proposal document will help acquire deals for your business. To make that happen you must build trust and gain confidence in your prospects and customers. It is important to create powerful sales proposals that convey your messages clearly and help close deals on time.

    Templates within a document management system will let you generate proposals without delay and ensure that it is customized as per prospects’ or customers’ requests. You can also collaborate with your team through notes, chats, and link sharing within the proposal documents. This will keep the team in sync and help to establish a seamless workflow.

    Following such a process will positively impact your close rate and makes a lasting impression on your prospective clients without even meeting them in person.

    Templates for contractual agreements

    The next step after moving from quotes and proposals is to create a contractual document that sets out the terms and conditions of the agreement. These are extensive documents that contain crucial legal clauses. Drawing such agreements requires keen attention to detail and can be a daunting process.

    Templates play a significant role when it comes to working on such agreements. Having a standard layout for SOWs, MSAs, and other extensive contracts make it easier to draft. Only specific terms need to be extracted and updated which give teams enough time to focus on other critical aspects in the sales process like negotiation with prospects and customers.

    These contractual agreements also contain crucial provisions and terms that need to be reviewed before the document is sent to other parties. Use templates to create these documents and attach workflows to it. You can create a rule based on a set conditions and trigger approval workflows, notifying the approver’s list. They will review the condition that triggered the approval request and then approve or reject the update as per the deal’s requirement.

    Wrapping it up

    Working remotely and managing clients and prospects has been challenging for businesses. Clear and open communication is of grave importance when in-person meetings have become a thing of the past, at least for a considerable future. Adopting templates into your work process is the first step in the right direction and a way of adapting to the new normal of business functioning.

    Templates allow businesses to communicate appropriately and timely with your prospects and clients. It’s time for you to incorporate templates and revolutionize the document process within your business.

    RevvSales, an all-in-one document management software, has created a template library that you can use for free. You can try the templates relevant to your business and see the effectiveness yourself. You can also sign up for a free RevvSales account and customize the templates as per your need and enjoy other features like activity tracker, approval workflow, easy to use editor, document management, etc.

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