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Distinguishing My Cold Emails from SPAM

Tips and Questions

By Jen JaxxPublished about a year ago 3 min read
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For me, starting my own online business was not in the “plan”. It’s tough, but the toughest part for me is realizing that I have to start interacting with people from scratch. My past accomplishments mean very little in this arena.

Since I am an affiliate marketer that sells mainly digital items, like courses, work from home kits etc. I have had to learn the lay of the land for myself. This means being a customer, not just a provider. Posting links all over might get clicks, but it won’t get me sales. Most advice is like playing darts drunk. That means it’s fun, but it’s pointless.

Progress is finding that sobering north star and following this path. That means building a website, making contact forms, setting up an email and phone number. Looking around at people all the people the world over and showing them what my company can do, but also letting them show me what they need from my business.

I am now re-sculpting my business around what people actually need. What they need is straight talk. This means email marketing that doesn’t look, feel, or act like SPAM.

I hit the books, here is what I learned.

Email Marketing Campaigns Delivery Tips

Optimizing your email marketing campaigns can take some trial and error, but one of the first things you’ll want to focus on is getting them delivered to subscribers’ inboxes in the first place. In addition to following best practices like sending emails only during business hours and avoiding spam filters, there are five other things you can do to increase your email deliverability and make sure your messages get seen by recipients when they get sent out. Here are those tips...

Deliverability Checklist:

1. Make sure your email list is clean and up-to-date.

Too many hard bounces can negatively affect your email address and more readily trigger filters.

2. Avoid triggering SPAM filters with salesy words and too many images.

Filters are configured to target specific words that if used to often tell the recipient's server your email is S**M

3. Keep your list segmented, so you can send relevant emails to specific groups.

Imagine working hard to get to your contact and then annoying them by sending them irrelevant email they didn’t ask for. Be prepared by tagging and labeling your contact list from the start.

4. Pay attention to your email sending reputation with Talos.

There are other resources available but in general if you can use some tools to see where you      stand in the terms of your IP address, domain name, or email account reputation. It’s better than presuming.

5. Warm up your email account daily, use a separate email account from your domain for cold contacts.

There are some great companies I have found like,, and that offer free or free trials for warming up your email.

The Anatomy of an Email

Your title (from line), subject line, and content should all be consistent in tone. Your reader will get a clearer picture of you and your business, and you have the chance to fix any mistakes. Suppose you have a casual from line (first name, no last name, no job title), but your subject is serious, and your content something else entirely. How can you know what's working and what's not?

Use social media comments made by your prospects to find out how to talk to people. Changing things up to better meet the mood, is the main rule to follow. No one ever lost money being too, professional. Your human side can be part of that expression.

What’s your goal?

Everyone has their own writing approach, I like to get all my thoughts out there first, then start editing. AI writers are a great resource when it comes to structure and factual content without spending time on research. This, however, will not compensate for the human touch. Have you ever called a business for help and were directed to an automated response? Did you like it?

The bottom line on formulating business correspondence is this, know your ultimate goal and follow the steps to getting there with your prospect.

Call to Action (CTA)

The best way to teach is from example. I hope this article had some value for you. Please let me know if you have suggestions or praise, and please subscribe to my marketing page in the link below for more resources.

If you already know what you are doing, playing darts drunk can work.

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