Dan Lok: My Mentor-Shifu

Found a perfect mentor for career guidance!!!

Dan Lok: My Mentor-Shifu

Today, I have my own career advising, revenue-generating startup. I am also earning from blogs, podcasts, YouTube, and my fulltime job. With help of these earnings, I was able to pay my loan, started making decent money which I use back to invest in my startup so one day I can see my business at the top position.

Was this my vision a year ago? NO!!!

A year ago, I was just complaining about problems I have in my life and how I am pitiful, begging for everybody's help. One day I tried searching how to get out of debts and in the search result, I saw Dan Lok. I somehow knew this man could help me, so I made him my mentor, my Shifu!!!

To keep it real, I have never met him or even talk to him personally. I am just following him through social media like YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and reading books written by him. Dan Lok does not even know that I see him as an inspiring figure.

About Dan Lok

Dan Lok is an Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Philanthropist, and Number One Closing & Influencer Business Strategist. He owns more than twelve companies and has a millionaire’s mindset. He is called “The Asian Dragon”. He is known as a celebrity influencer and venture capitalist.

The knowledge, the wisdom, the experience Dan Lok possess, he says, “It’s something you earn through a tough time and through many failures”. He states:

“Today, even though I have written 12 books and taught millions of people around the world, I remember where I started. I was a punk kid who could not read or write English, who failed his first 13 businesses, who was deep in debt to family members by 21. My only dream was to take care of my mother.”

-Dan Lok

How Dan Lok Helped Me?

I follow Dan Lok actively on the YouTube channel, where he keeps adding excellent video content to learn from. I do not want to miss his latest content, so I subscribed to his channel. I like and share his content with my friends whenever I find that the content will be helpful and will not go over their heads.

The content he gives away is the best because he never hesitates to call out the wrong things, even if the world is following it for decades. He does not just give you the content of his opinion but also what he learned from his mentor so there is no filtering or keeping the important information.

I started learning about the mindset and slowly got to know the real meaning of the business, career, job, money, happiness, mindset, passion, multiple streams of income, what does it mean to become rich, how to become one, and what is the next level action you must take.

I have started learning, practicing, and applying the skills, Dan Lok is sharing. Obviously, I am not able to grasp all of it. Most times, I learn but could not practice. Sometimes, I know what’s right, but my old mindset does not allow me to act according to what I have learned. In this situation, I just go back to Dan Lok’s content on YouTube or books to learn it again. This is how I learn from him.

My vision is to keep putting consistent efforts and grow what I have started from scratch. Yes, there will be many hurdles coming along the way, I will fail in something which I have carefully counted on. But one thing for sure, I will never stop learning. Now I know where to go if I want to learn things. Especially things, I do not know to exist to learn about, that is why we all need a mentor.

I found my mentor in Dan Lok, who is your mentor?

Chanchala Gorale
Chanchala Gorale
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