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Cross-Platform App Development in Dubai: Benefits and Restrictions

by Zapio Technology 6 months ago in business

Hybrid App Development Dubai

There has been an increase in the number of mobile operating systems in the recent past as the number of users increased. Today a sizeable chunk of time spent on mobile is actually spent on one app or another and therefore the demand for mobile apps has increased. Building a mobile app for different platforms has become a difficult task and so more money and time has to be spent developing codes for different platforms. Cross-platform app development was the solution for this. Companies for cross-platform app development in Dubai offer some of the best services available to make sure your app is usable across different platforms.

Usually, when apps are developed for a single business, different variations of the same app has to be built to function on different mobile operating systems. Cross-platform apps and hybrid apps are those that are functional on different platforms using a single programme. Instead of creating different versions for one app, a single app can be used on different operating systems. A hybrid app and a cross-platform app is not the same, though the terms are often used interchangeably, they provide the same effect of being accessible on multiple platforms using the same code. If you’re looking forward to extending the reach of your app or if you’re trying to cut the cost for app development, these are the best options available to you.

The benefits of building a cross-platform app are many. They include:

Accessibility on multiple platforms

Cross-platform apps are supported on different platforms and can be launched on any platform without much difficulty as the same code base is used for the app across multiple platforms. The code doesn’t have to be rewritten like that of native apps and so less effort has to be put in for a single business.

Wider audience

Because you are active on multiple platforms at the same time, you can reach a wider audience regardless of their demography. People have a tendency to stick to one operating system for a long period. This is because they get confused if they switch between operating systems frequently. You eliminate the possibility of a certain group of people not being able to access your app as it is available only on a single platform.

Less time for development

Since the code base is the same for the app on multiple platforms, the time to develop the app is reduced. Most of the times, app development time is reduced almost by half as multiple native apps don’t have to be produced. There are companies that can design custom hybrid mobile apps in Dubai for you so that the app will reflect your business the way you want.

Cost-effective and faster profits

The cost for creating a cross-platform app can be much less than actually creating two or more variants of native apps. As there is no requirement for different teams to create separate apps, it can be finished quickly and you are paying for only one variant. When developing multiple variations of an app, it takes that much more to market your app to the public and profit generation can take time. With cross-platform apps, you can market your app faster and therefore profits can be generated faster.

Easy maintenance

Because of the common code base, maintenance becomes much easier. If the app suffers from any bugs, repairs have to be done to a single code and the effect will be reflected on all the platforms on which the app runs. It is easier to find bugs and test the codes also as there is only a single code. Firms specialising in the development of hybrid apps in Dubai will help you in the debugging process and they will help to keep the app running smoothly.

Cross-platform apps, or hybrid apps, are one of the best solutions available to modern-day businesses, especially start-ups, but they come with some restriction too.

Slow performance

A hybrid app can be slower in performance compared to a native app in the same business. This is because of integration problems that arise with the operating system and the components of the app. The low performance doesn’t hinder the functioning of the app but it is still present.

Limited access to an operating system’s features

Each operating system has some features that are unique to their devices only. This is what makes the user experience special in each device. With cross-platform apps, taking into account every feature of every operating system is not feasible. Such an app may not be able to integrate the features that are unique to a particular device into its performance. The performance won’t be as seamless as that of a native app. Firms for hybrid mobile app development in UAE are trying to fix this problem to make the user experience more comfortable.

Difficult to develop a codebase

Developing a codebase for a hybrid app can prove to be difficult as the features of multiple platforms have to take into account before designing it. Companies specialising in the development of cross-platform mobile apps in UAE have teams of employees that are familiar with the working of multiple platforms. They can help you design the ideal app for your business.

The benefits of a cross-platform app are many but they also come along with some restrictions. It is your responsibility to analyse the benefits and restrictions of cross-platform apps and native apps and choose the one that suits you the best. If you are a start-up trying to take your business to a wider pool but at the same time are trying to keep the cost minimum, cross-platform apps are the way to go. Not only are you getting a cost-effective app but you are also getting time to market your app and generate revenue quickly. Choose a company specialising in hybrid application development in Dubai to help you set up your app. They will guide you through the process and also help in the maintenance of your app and any updation that it requires to give your customers the best experience.


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