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Creating A Digital Will: Why You Need One and How to Make it

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By legacysuitePublished 2 months ago 4 min read

As technology becomes an increasingly integral part of our daily lives, it is important to consider what will happen to our digital assets and online presence when we pass away. That is where a digital will, also known as a digital estate plan, comes to play.

A digital will is a document that outlines how you want all your digital assets to be managed after your demise. This can include things such as social media accounts, online banking and investment accounts, email accounts, and even digital music and movie collections.

But why do you need a digital will?

Why Do You Need a Digital Will?

Here are a few reasons why we should have a digital will:

Protecting your privacy: Without a digital will, your loved ones may not have access to your accounts and may not be able to delete them, potentially leaving your personal information and data open to prying eyes.

Ensuring your wishes are carried out: By creating a digital will, you can specify exactly what you want to happen to your digital assets. Do you want your social media accounts to be deleted or turned into a memorial page? Do you want your digital music collection to be given to a specific family member or friend? A digital will allows you to make these decisions in advance.

Making things easier for your loved ones: Dealing with the loss of loved ones is difficult enough without having to worry about sorting through their digital assets. A digital will can help make this process easier by clearly outlining what should happen to each account and asset.

Creating a Digital Will

Follow these simple steps to create a digital will:

Inventory your digital assets: Make a list of your digital asset management, including social media accounts, online banking and investment accounts, email accounts, and any other online accounts or assets you have.

Choose a digital executor: This person will be responsible for carrying out your wishes regarding your digital assets. Choose someone you trust and make sure to let them know about your digital will.

Decide what should happen to each asset: For each digital asset on your list, decide what you want to happen to it after you leave this world. Do you want it deleted, turned into a memorial page, or given to a particular person? Make sure to include these instructions in your digital will.

Write it down: Your digital will should be in writing and stored in a safe place where your digital executor can easily access it. Discussing your digital will with your loved ones and ensuring they know where to find it is also a good idea.

Making a digital will may not be the most exciting topic to think about, but it is a vital step in ensuring that your digital assets are taken care of in a way that aligns well with your wishes and values. Do not wait until it is too late- take the time to create a digital will today.

Secure Your Digital Will with Legacy Suite

Life can be unpredictable, and the existing framework of wills is intended to make the finer legal aspects of the inheritance process more efficient. While passing on cryptocurrencies to the next generation is as simple as sharing a seed phrase or private key, the reality of how users store funds can complicate matters.

Legacy Suite provides a robust solution that guarantees that your digital assets, as well as estate, are not only easily managed in real-time but also transferred to your next of kin. These digital assets, online services, and accounts can be transferred to a specific recipient using Legacy Suite. This automated system will not only safeguard these assets but will also lay the groundwork for creating additional intergenerational wealth.

The Legal Suite of Legacy Suite allows you to create your last will while protecting your family and assets- bequest personal assets, art, business assets, jewelry, collectibles, automobiles, and so on. It also enables you to create a last will for your social legacy. You can select which websites and social media platforms you want to be deleted, memorialized, or accessed after your demise. Also, it lets you make your will using digital inheritance technology for cryptos, NFTs, and blockchain assets, as well as pass these assets on through smart contracts and blockchain technology.

Wrapping Up

Creating a digital will is important in ensuring that your online assets and digital accounts are properly managed after you pass away. By making a digital will, you can specify how you would like your digital assets to be distributed and provide instructions for accessing and managing these assets. While creating a digital will may seem daunting at first, several resources are available to help you get started. By creating a digital will now, you can give yourself and your loved ones peace of mind knowing that your digital legacy will be properly taken care of.

Sign up for Legacy Suite today to protect your assets for future generations. Please visit, for more updates and information.


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