Coping With Life When You Hate Your Job

by Claire Raymond 2 years ago in advice

How to Cope When Your Job Sucks

Coping With Life When You Hate Your Job

What is up with those people who say that if they won the lottery that they would still want to have a job? If I won the lottery, all I would do is eat the fanciest food known to man and rescue as many animals as my various homes could accommodate. But sadly, most of us haven't won the lottery, and if you're reading this, then you definitely haven't. If you're reading this, then like millions of other people all over the world, you hate your job.

And it's totally normal to dislike your job and to dread going to work because you would rather be sleeping. But to actively hate your job is another thing altogether. "Why not get a different job?" I hear you ask. That's easy for you to say, people need a steady income to keep a roof over their heads; and finding one job can be difficult, let alone two. So this means most people end up just sticking with a job that they hate, purely because they might not get a different one.

So it makes sense that if quitting isn't an option, then coping needs to be. You need to find ways to cope with your job and make it easier to get through the day without crying or losing your shit completely.

Find a friend.

Trust me, you won't be the only person in that place that hates being there. Chances are most of the people that work there wish that they didn't. Find comfort in knowing that you're not the only one, and bonding over something you hate can really bring people together!

Get a hobby.

Or something you enjoy doing after work. Having something to look forward to after work is one of the best ways to get through the day. It really gives you something to reach for and motivates you to keep it together. Even if that thing is binge watching box sets, if you enjoy it, do it.

Get physical.

Hate needs to be released, but since you can't body slam your boss, you need to find other ways to do that. Exercise is a great way to release built up aggression and hatred. It doesn't matter what kind of exercise it is, if it gets you out and moving then it is going to be good for you.

You need a job.

I know that sucks, but you need to keep reminding yourself that if you want to keep a roof over your head and food in your stomach, you need to go to work. It's a sad fact, but it's still a fact. It's a good motivator, if you want to keep living in a house and not a box, it's necessary to go to work.

Colleagues and Bosses

If colleagues or bosses are the reason you hate your job, remember that they act like douche bags for a reason. Something isn't right for them. They're unhappy at home or they're threatened by you. But no matter what the reason, you should feel sorry for them because they're sad pathetic losers and nobody really likes them.

The Two Minute Rule

Snotty emails are something that you have to deal with at work, but don't reply immediately. Give yourself two minutes to calm down and then reply. This will stop you from saying something that could get you fired.

Keep looking for another job.

If you hate your job that much, you need to at least try to find another one, but be discreet about it. Never do any job searching at work, whether it is on your computer or even on your phone. If someone sees you, it could be grounds for dismissal. Be careful who you talk to and if you have an interview, make sure nobody finds out about it.

Claire Raymond
Claire Raymond
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