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ContentBurger Review 2023 - Best Social Medial Automation Solution

Review By Anil Kumar

By ANIL KUMARPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Content Burger is a powerful content marketing and social media platform for publishers, brands, offices, and start-ups that can find, create, and distribute the best content content continuously and increase traffic, leads, and sales.

Many, many people try to beat the same web design, logo design, search engine optimization, etc. But you know one thing that no business can live without content. It is a great equalizer online. You can be a mom and pop store with great content and create a better engagement than a Fortune 500 company. But if you plan to provide content services to businesses, you will definitely have a tool in your arsenal that will make it very easy and effective. And for that, I recommend Content Burger.

With Content Burger, you can easily create all kinds of content for blogs and social media platforms in an instant.

Content Burger creates and shares for you or your customers 4 EASY STEPS:


Select or search a topic: Use the intuitive dashboard and composer to search for sources and create your post.

TEP 2:

Select accounts: Select which accounts you want to publish the content from all major social and blog channels.

TEP 3:

Customize: Make all the final customizations you want and optimize for different social and blog channels.


Publish and automate: Publish immediately or use the powerful scheduler to automate your content delivery.

The Main Features of ContentBurger

Content Discovery and Insights: AI-powered content discovery and insights with never-before-seen ranking for only the best content across all videos. Articles, GIFs, quotes, images and more.

Content Creation Engine: Create new content for your blog or social networks with an intuitive editor. Embed content from your favorite sources, collaborate with your team, and manage approvals. It also comes with an SEO optimization toolkit, image editing software, trending hashtag suggestions, UTM management, and more.

A dynamic planner that allows you to manage your content strategy under one roof: With the planner inside Content Burger, you can plan all your content marketing with the interactive calendar or list view.

Accessing Content BurgerAutomation Recipes to Share Your Content in a Jiffy – While automation is flexible within this software, they have also included some recipes to help you automate all the content you create effortlessly. You can automate: Articles for your blog; Articles on social networks; blog videos; Videos on social networks; RSS channels for social networks.

Know exactly what works with deep analytics: Make informed business decisions with relevant insights from analytics from social media and blog channels. Use feedback from analytics reports and adjust your social media strategy for optimal performance. These numbers give you a statistical picture of the effectiveness of social media and content, so you don't have to guess at the effectiveness of the content you create.

Stay Organized with Workspaces – If you're in different markets and niches or if you're freelance for different clients, you'll love Content Burger's workspace option. This will help you stay organized and effective, and you never have to search for different messages or content in multiple marketplaces. When you sign in to this software, select only the workspace you want to work from, and you'll only see content, feeds, and messages related to that category.

Complete Social Media Marketing Package – Allows you to create amazing posts that you can share on the most popular social media platforms. Use it to gain more followers and build more trust for your brand or as a service

Post to WordPress, Tumblr Medium Easily – Content Burger integrates with WordPress and Medium, so you can do everything right from the composer. This allows you to manage all your blogs from one place and write to all posts where you can be a part of the Medium platform. Since WordPress is the most popular content management system on the web, adding the ability to publish directly to your WordPress sites will make your blog even better.

3 different content composers to help you create engaging content quickly - they've made sure to cover all the soles. That's why they offer you three different ways to create messages with a variety of formatting options. When you log in today, you'll find the following writers ready to bid: The Blog Post Composer; Social Media Composer; Image designer.

Create campaigns to reach your content marketing goals – Everyone starts out with great intentions, but sometimes even the best of us can go off the rails. That's why you'll love the Content Burger campaign manager. This option is woven through the Content Burger structure, so all your scheduling and planning goes smoothly. This way, you can know with 100% accuracy that you will hit your content marketing goals on a monthly basis.

Drip posting allows you to set it and forget it – if you want to create an order of how your content is shared, you can do that too. You can choose the main blog where the content will be published and then set up secondary blogs or social networking sites to follow.

This is a great strategy for search engine optimization, as your site gets the first mention of content that attracts readers. Also, the system takes care of canonical tags on child blogs to avoid duplicate content issue.

Reach multiple regions and languages: With Content Burger you can now maximize coverage in all regions. Get content in different areas and in different languages. This is great for those who want to do more outside of where English is their primary language.

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