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Common Workplace Health Hazards and How to Get Rid of Them

by Natalie Ige 2 years ago in business

Check out some of the common workplace hazards and review the measures taken to deal with the same; the information should come handy.

According to several agencies in Australia, nearly 14 workers die each day from various workplace hazards, which could have been easily avoided, and what’s more worrying is that workplace accidents seem to be on a sharp rise over the last two years. This is why OSHA has initiated a set of safety guidelines for companies and organizations to adhere to so that they can create a safe working environment for their employees. You may want to check out some of the common workplace hazards and review the measures taken to deal with the same; the information should come handy.

Cluttered work environment

As hard as it may be to believe, a cluttered environment can and will lead to accidents. You may want to ensure that your workplace is clutter free, for people can trip over books and cables left lying on the floor, building materials, furniture, other forms of debris and much more. You need to ensure that your workplace is safe for your employees and one of the common types of accidents that often occur is to have debris fall on you. So you may want to make sure that all the construction related work is completed at your office and all the clutter removed before you open your office for business again. You may want to Google Asbestos removal Melbourne western suburbs, as this should also help list quite a few workplace hazards.

Falling from heights

You may want your employee to go up the ladder to get something from the loft or it could be for another reason altogether. The point is that whenever someone utilizes a ladder or a scaffolding to clamber up, they are equally likely to fall down, especially if the ladder or scaffold is not secured properly. You need to ensure that the ladder or scaffold is properly secured before you allow your employee to clamber up the same.


If you are working in an old office building, then chances are that it does contain asbestos in one form or other. Asbestos is a lethal substance and it is not advisable to ask local laborers or even get your employees to try and remove the same without adequate preparatory work or safety gear. It is highly advisable that you search online for asbestos testing in Melbourne as that should also provide you with a list of vendors nearby who can help remove all the asbestos from your building safely, so that it is no longer a health concern for either you or your employees.

Toxic substances

OSHA clearly mandates that your office and work area remain free of all forms of toxins, but at times you may be required to store and utilize the same, as part of your work. OSHA makes it clear that you would need to ensure that your employees are suitably informed well in advance, so that they neither touch nor breathe in the toxic substance as it could cause them to fall immediately ill. Furthermore, you would be required to strictly regulate access to these substances and ensure that they are under lock and key, and stored under safe conditions.

Safety training

According to OSHA, as well as several other agencies, it is advised that companies and organizations alike, carry out regular safety drills and ensure that their employees receive safety training as well. This can help prevent workplace accidents and should lead to a safer working environment as well. It should also be pointed out at times accidents could happen despite adequate safety training, and that is why it is advisable that your company carries a robust insurance policy that can both protect you and your company and ensure that you are protected from wrongful suits and claims being filed by the victim in question.

These are some of the common workplace hazards that you are bound to come across, as well as measures that you can adopt to resolve the same safely. Just make sure that your safety guidelines are in line with the latest OSHA guidelines, and you should be fine.


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