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Common Traits of Successful Bloggers

by Marketta Sowers about a year ago in career

Do you have what it takes?

Common Traits of Successful Bloggers
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Blogging has been a common side hustle for years. For some, it’s even become a full-time job. But how do you know if you really have what it takes to blog for a living? Well, besides just giving it a try, if you posses one or more of the following traits, you may be up for the life of a blogger.

1. Tenacity - This is number one with blogging as a career. You have to just go for it and dive in. If this is something that you really want, then show it and start building your blog. No excuses allowed!

2. Hone in on your passions or skills - This will really help make the entire process easier. You ever hear that phrase “write what you know?” Well, there’s a reason that phrase is so common. If you stick to your skills or things that you are passionate about, blogging is less likely to become a chore when you’re excited about what you’re going to write about. Plus having a niche will make it easier for certain readers to find your articles (and in turn, more likely to follow your blog in the future).

3. Flexibility - Although I just said that you should hone in on your passions or skills, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every niche is going to get you tons of readers. If you notice that you aren’t getting readers despite tons of marketing, it might be because people simply aren’t interested in what you’re writing. Either present the information in a different way to reach your readers (they may actually prefer videos to blogs) or be willing to try a different niche altogether.

4. Consistency - But Marketta, you just told me to be flexible! I hear ya out there. What I mean here is that you have to post regularly. Once you gain readers, they expect to see a post from you on a regular basis like once or twice a week maybe. If they go weeks without hearing from you, then they may lose interest or forget about you completely. We don’t want that to happen! From my own personal experience, this is what I’ve struggled with the most. It can be easy to burn out if you try to post too much, so if you know you can’t post more than twice a month to start, then that’s fine! Just stay consistent until you’re ready to turn it up a notch.

5. Courage - Yes, courage. Although blogging may seem simple enough, it takes a bit of courage to put your writing out there for the world to see. I know so many writers who were incredibly self conscious about it and that’s okay! We’ve all been there. Just take a deep breath and hit that publish button. Some of these blogs and articles can get incredibly personal, and that’s a whole different level of courage that not many have. But trust me, if you have those thoughts and feelings, it’s extremely likely someone else has too. We’re all in this boat together. You can do this!

So everyone, I really hope you enjoyed this article. These are just traits that I’ve noticed in fellow bloggers and authors. From years of experience and reading, I’ve heard them all say the same things when giving advice to people who want to start their own blogs. The good news is that there is plenty of space on the internet for all of us. So come join us on this crazy ride called blogging.

Do any fellow bloggers have any other tips for newbie writers out there? Do any of you newbie writers have any questions that we can answer? Drop them down in the comments below, we would love to hear from you and share the wisdom!


Marketta Sowers

Marketta is a full-time writer and designer. Any donations will help her continue to write for her fans and stay home with her child. Much love guys!! :*

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Marketta Sowers
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