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Common Questions 101 - “Why Should We Hire You?”

by T. Austin Basile about a year ago in advice
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How to answer the "Why Should We Hire You?" question!

More likely than not you are going to be asked common interview questions. Most of the time there is no real right answer, and the person asking wants to know more about how you see yourself. Are you confident in yourself and your abilities? What do you actually think of yourself beyond what you have written down on paper? Are you only able to talk about your past experiences as the crutch that allowed you to be in the interview in the first place or is there more to you that can bring value to the company. The, “Why should we hire you”, question is asking just that.

Well why should they? What makes you so great that you would be a valuable asset?

In my experience, the right response to that question is to be confident and honest about who exactly you are. Do you work well in teams? Are you able to work collaboratively? Are you task oriented? Do you like to take on multiple projects at a time or work on one at a time? Are you someone who gets the job done within the 8-hour window of the day or are you someone who stays late to make sure it’s done right? These are things you need to bring up when answering this questions. It really is essential that you describe you as a worker more than what your experience shows.

Why should we hire you? A starter response can be something along the lines of this, “Well, despite my qualifications, I am someone who works excellently in a team environment. I understand that in this role I will have to work with many peers on multiple projects at a time and that is where I thrive. I am able to manage and task out my days to work effectively and meet deadlines without any hiccups. This is what makes me not only reliable but a true asset to your company.”

Be confident in yourself and let yourself shine. Talk about your strengths, that goes a lot farther than you saying, “because I am a hard worker”. Who cares.

If you ever come across that question you need to make sure that you have response prepped and ready. The more time you take on thinking about your answer the more unsure you look to the people that interviewing you. You can also think introspectively. If you were them, what are you looking for in a candidate that would make them stand out to make YOU want THEM to work for that company.

It is a very very simple question, but the answer that is given can have a direct lane into which pile your resume will filter into. Whether it is going on to the next round, or on to the trash pile without another word from them. It will take time to hone your response and get it down seamlessly, but this is always something that you should be thinking about and having in your back pocket. It is best to have something prepared mentally so that you don't blurt out any 'Um's'.

The more refined in your answers and quickness to response, the more confidence you will have in delivering that response which will translate to the people interview you!

Make sure you like this guide! I feel I have a very excellent idea on how to get through the interviewing process as I have done it countless time. I am a seasoned veteran who has been in almost any and every situation you can imagine. Reach out to me if you have any questions or you need any help! I will be continuing to write about things I am passionate about but job interviewing is something I know extremely well so I will always write that on the side! Thank you for reading and hopefully you like my content!


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T. Austin Basile

Lover of Chipotle, my wife and my three animals. And yes, in that order.

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