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Classified Ads VS Display Ads

Learn how and when you should use classified ads vs display ads

By Adeniyi SegunPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

The good news:

With the advent of internet, various advertising strategies, channels and tactics was opened up to businesses.

That means most business has more than one way to promote their business.

The bad news:

With many channels, comes the challenge of knowing which advertising lever to pull at different times during the life time of a business.

As you struggle to drive more traffic or more leads for your business, you will need to use more than one channel so you can compare and decide which is the most impact for your business based on the stage in which your business currently is.

Today I will be sharing with you some tips about classified ads and display ads advertisement and what you should be doing to know which one to use at different time in your business.

Let’s briefly define these advertising channels

What is Classified Ad?

Classified ads marketing are small advertising messages that are grouped under a specific heading (classification) in different section of a newspaper or magazine or website.

Why Does Classified Ads Works?

Classified ads are very important and most businesses use them as advertising channels because

1: It is cost effective

2: It is a fast and quick way to get your business to reach a very wide audience

3: Easy to Update

4: It helps you understand your audience

5: It can help with Google ranking

You can read this article to learn more about why businesses use classified ads

What is Display ad?

Display advertisement is a form of online advertising that convey a commercial message usually using text, image or a combination of both.

Why Use Display Ads:

1: Ads are usually attractive

2: Ability to reach a wide audience with eye catching display or information about product

3: Help familiarize your audience with your brand

4: A cost effective way of advertisement

Here is more if you want to learn about display ads

Now that we know the meaning and importance of both means of advertisement, let us look at some of the difference between the two.

Difference between Classified Ads and Display Ads

1: Classified ads are usually short text messages while display ads can be a combination of text, images and are usually larger in size

2: Classifieds ads are usually less expensive than larger display advertisement

3: Classified ads are usually grouped by intent which makes it more effective as you are likely to reach your target audience while display ads can introduce you to new audience or create new awareness in your product

Which One Should You Choose: Classified Ads or Display Ads

As with all things marketing, the chicken and egg conundrum comes to play especially when deciding which method of advertisement is best for you.

In the chicken or egg conundrum, no one could actually agree which one comes first. Was it the chicken or the egg? This same factor can come to play here.

However, there are some factors and criteria that you should be looking at if you are still trying to decide which method you should use if you are trying to decide between using classified ads or display ads.

1: Money:

No matter how you look at it, resources are one of the most important deciding factors when it comes to advertisement. If you are low on budget or you want to try out if your product/advertisement will be loved by the people, then you can try classified ads as it is known to be cheaper than display ads

2: Audience:

Your target audience can also play a very important role in deciding which method you should use. If you already know your audience and you know that they hang out on classified website, then you can use it. However if you want to reach new audience or try your messaging with new audience, then I believe display ads gives you more opportunity to do so.


Deciding if you should use classified ads or display ads can be very tricky and no one can easily answer that question. I strongly believe that if you really want to grow your business, you should give each of this method a test and then measure the impact to see which one drives the best value for your business.

Without trying, you may be leaving out a great source of traffic or leads for your business.


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Community Manager at Delon

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